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Composer David Lawrence and music supervisor Steven Vincent continue the HSM tradition. The soundtrack for "High School Musical 3: Senior Year” features ten all-new songs penned by several of the hit songwriters/producers from past HSM smash records, including "Now or Never” (Matthew Gerrard/Robbie Nevil), "Right Here, Right Now” (Jamie Houston), "I Want It All” (Matthew Gerrard/Robbie Nevil), "Can I Have This Dance” (Adam Anders/Nikki Hassman), "A Night to Remember” (Matthew Gerrard/Robbie Nevil), "Just Wanna Be with You” (Andy Dodd/Adam Watts), "The Boys Are Back” (Matthew Gerrard/Robbie Nevil), "Walk Away” (Jamie Houston), "Scream” (Jamie Houston), and "High School Musical” (Matthew Gerrard/Robbie Nevil). Multiple reprises and medleys fill in the story about the spring musical called "Senior Year.”

"The returning composers and lyricists and the new folks that have joined us on this venture have turned out a soundtrack that I think is the best of them all,” says Ortega. "It serves the story. It serves the characters. It's dynamic, rhythmic, romantic, funny, orchestral, symphonic and choral. It gets as big as it can and as intimate as it can and everything in between.”

"‘Now or Never' opens the movie in a really brilliant way,” says Ortega. "We get to see how Troy, through song and dance, is actually facing a dilemma in his life. He's a great singer and he wants to perform on stage, but he's also an all-star athlete. We get to show sports, we get to show dancing, we get to show great singing, and we get to combine it in a storytelling way so that we understand the dilemma going on in this boy's personal life.”

Adds Corbin Bleu, "It is the very first musical number and it starts off in a very heated basketball game. The Wildcats are down at halftime. This is the last game that we'll ever play at East High.”

The East High gym was filled with more than 2000 extras for the championship game. "The experience was completely surreal,” says Efron. "It felt like a real game because we were playing against a real team and we had real plays set up. A lot of the basketball you see was just us playing. Every time you missed a shot everyone would boo! When you'd make a shot, even if it was just a lay-up, everyone would go crazy.”

"‘Right Here, Right Now' is Troy and Gabriella's duet in Troy's backyard treehouse. It's about them just enjoying being in the moment and the time that they have. I think all the girls out there are just going to die when they see this number. It's really magical,” says Hudgens.

"Right Here, Right Now” was shot on location at the Bolton House and on a visual effects soundstage, both in Salt Lake City.

"‘I Want It All' is Sharpay's version of how she sees the school in her fantasy world,” says Ortega. "We're all blinged out. We're colorful. Everything's totally different.”

"It's the biggest musical number for me,” says Tisdale. "Sharpay wants the Juilliard scholarship and she wants to use her brother to get it. The song itself is very Fergie/Gwen Stefani meets Sharpay Evans. I love it.”

Lucas Grabeel adds, "To coax Ryan into helping her out, Sharpay paints this picture of what life could be like if they both got the scholarship.”

"I Want It All” takes place in the East High cafeteria with almost 150 people dancing on screen at one time. At one point in the number, Grabeel dances in a classic Radio City Music Hall kick line with 24 pink-haired kitty cat Rockettes.

"There's a wink and a curtsy to the legends of the great White Way,” says Ortega. "It's an homage to Gene Kelly and Bob Fosse and Jerome Robbins and Michael Kidd. This is a little bit of ‘Singin' In the Rain' meets ‘Chicago'—all through the eyes of a teenage girl who wants it all: fame, fortune and more.”

For "Can I Have This Dance” Kenny Ortega<

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