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In 2002, Cory Yuen's THE TRANSPORTER introduced audiences around the world to former Special Forces officer Frank Martin. A highly skilled courier for underworld criminals, Frank is paid handsomely for not asking questions and never looking at his cargo, but everything changes when he discovers his latest "package.” A breathless thrill-ride comprised of hand-to-hand combat and high-speed car chases, THE TRANSPORTER was shot on a relatively modest budget; yet it struck a chord with action lovers, grossing $44 million internationally and establishing Jason Statham as an action star. Three years later, TRANSPORTER 2, directed by Louis Leterrier, followed Frank out of retirement on a dangerous personal assignment. The sequel built on the original's fervent following, grossing $74 million worldwide. With fans still eager for more, director Olivier Megaton and internationally renowned producer/writer/director Luc Besson (LE FEMME NIKITA, THE FIFTH ELEMENT) now return with TRANSPORTER 3, which promises to elevate the franchise to an even higher standard of white-knuckle action. 

"The level of the action this time round has been multiplied by three,” reports Jason Statham, who returns to star as Frank Martin. "The BOURNE trilogy propelled action movies into the new millennium. So with this movie, we had to step up our game. Everything is bigger.”

"In the first two films, the action sequences are very short,” explains French director Olivier Megaton. "In this one, they're longer and more intense, and they build and build. Everything has been conceived to have more extensive sequences and bigger pay-offs.”

TRANSPORTER 3 finds Frank back at work as a courier; but this time, he's forced against his will by a nefarious government official to take on a new assignment: deliver by car the kidnapped daughter of a Ukrainian official from Marseilles to Odessa. To ensure his cooperation, Frank's blackmailers have fitted him with an explosive bracelet that will detonate if he moves more than one hundred feet from the car. "The only thing Frank knows about this mission is that he's trapped in this car,” explains Megaton. "For the first time, he's in real danger.”

Statham welcomed the opportunity to return to the TRANSPORTER series, which marks the beginning of his prolific career as an action star. "It was great being reunited with all the people who gave me my big break in the action world: Luc Besson, Steve Chasman, and Cory Yuen,” says the actor. "It wasn't so many years ago that I was just playing smaller parts in non-action movies. If it wasn't for those guys, I wouldn't be sitting here all these years later making Part Three.”

Statham avows that action filmmaking has always been one of his goals as an actor. Even as a child, he had a long-standing desire to be a stuntman. Like most action stars, Statham prepared for the shoot by following a strict diet and exercise regime. Unlike most action stars, he also performed all of the combat scenes himself and performed his own stunts whenever possible. He says, "I really enjoy the different challenges and skills that you have to learn along to way to make all the big stunts believable. It's really rewarding.”

"In my eyes, Jason's becoming the new Bruce Willis,” says Megaton. "He has incredible charisma and he's so physical. He's also a very instinctive actor. He doesn't need to talk – his eyes convey all the emotions he needs to get across.”

A third TRANSPORTER film also provided Statham with an opportunity to further develop aspects of Frank's character. "He's one of those very stoic, quiet guys who has his own sort of moral code,” Statham explains. "He's a very internal guy. He'd rather talk his way out of a situation. He's got a soft nature and he wants to live a sort of peaceful life.”

For the first time in the series, Frank also falls in love, in this case with fellow captive, Valentina, played by ne


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