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About The Production
"Bedtime Stories” provided a unique opportunity to combine classic Disney storytelling with Adam Sandler's signature brand of comedy. At the helm is director Adam Shankman, who came to the project with successful films for the Studio like "The Pacifier” and "Bringing Down the House.” Sandler and Happy Madison Productions were drawn to the project, particularly since Sandler had recently become a father for the first time. "I wanted to make a movie that my child could watch someday and actually look me in the eyes afterwards,” he says. "I read ‘Bedtime Stories' and I thought it would be really fun for everyone.

"When I was a kid our family used to go on the road,” Sandler continues. "We'd drive into New York from New Hampshire a lot and we would stop at Howard Johnson's on the way. There were six of us in one room and it would be the best time of our life. I always liked the idea a guy who lives in a hotel and he gets to do that every day.”

Sandler plays hotel handyman Skeeter Bronson. "He's a hard-working fella,” Sandler explains. "Skeeter's father owned the hotel when my character was a little kid. The father wasn't a great businessman and had to sell, but he made a deal with Mr. Nottingham, the new owner, that Skeeter might eventually run the hotel. So my character has been working and working and waiting for it to happen and the day that he thinks it's gonna happen, the job is given to another guy.”

Setting the story in motion is Skeeter's sister Wendy (COURTENEY COX), who calls on the handyman to look after her two children while she heads off on a job hunt. "I'm a principal at a school that's being shut down,” says Cox. "So I go off to find a job and all the madness starts.”

On hand to try to curb the madness and help with the children is Wendy's responsible friend Jill (KERI RUSSELL). "I take care of the kids during the day until Adam's character finishes his shift at the hotel,” says Russell. "Somehow I end up in these crazy adventures that Skeeter creates with the kids.”

The crazy adventures are the bedtime stories Skeeter tells to entertain the kids at night. Dissatisfied with their book selection, he decides to make up his own stories, allowing the kids to get into the game and contribute to the crazy tales. The stories—with settings ranging from the Old West and Outer Space to Medieval Times and Ancient Greece—are brought to life throughout the movie…with some familiar characters.

Explains director Shankman, "The fun thing is that Skeeter casts characters from real life as the characters in all of the stories. So everyone from Adam to Keri to Russell Brand gets to play all these crazy characters throughout the movie.”

The twist, says Shankman, is that the stories Skeeter tells actually come true. "Whatever the kids kick into the story ends up coming true the next day in real life,” says the director. "Between their crazy newfound reality and the outlandish fantasy sequences of the bedtime stories, there's a lot of visual candy.

"This movie has an enormous amount of heart,” continues Shankman. "It's incredible for the family. It's just magic.”

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