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The Production
Fox 2000 Pictures and Regency Enterprises present a New Regency / Birdie / Riche Ludwig Production, starring Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway in BRIDE WARS, also starring Kristen Johnston, Bryan Greenberg and Candice Bergen. The comedy was directed by Gary Winick from a screenplay by Greg DePaul and Casey Wilson & June Diane Raphael, from a story by Greg DePaul. It is produced by Julie Yorn, Kate Hudson and Alan Riche; the executive producers are Arnon Milchan, Jay Cohen, Tony Ludwig, Matt Luber and Jonathan Filley. The director of photography is Frederick Elmes, ASC; the production designer is Dan Leigh; and the editor is Susan Littenberg Hagler. The costume designer is Karen Patch, music is by Edward Shearmur, and the music supervisor is Linda Cohen.

Every wedding has a story but this one isn't about a bride and a groom; it's about a bride...and a bride. The ladies in question are lifelong best friends Liv and Emma, who couldn't be closer - or more dissimilar. Liv, a high-powered attorney, is a natural leader who knows what she wants and exactly how to get it done. Emma, a dedicated schoolteacher is empathetic and generous to a fault - the "type-Z" to Liv's type-A, the yin to her yang. But that's all about to change when a horrific mistake leads to dueling weddings, an escalating conflict rife with ingenious pranks to undermine the other's Big Day, and a friendship that is about to implode.

Kate Hudson sparked to the idea of warring brides, as presented to her several years ago in the original story and draft screenplay. Believing that the notion provided an opportunity to take a unique and irreverent look at women, Hudson decided not only to take on one of the leading roles in what came to be called BRIDE WARS, but to make it her producing debut. "I really wanted to do a movie that was about women pushing the comedic envelope," says Hudson. "And what better setting to see this happen, than a wedding. I love this kind of comedy and enjoyed seeing how far we could take the humor. It's a fun story that also has a lot of heart."

Hudson embraced the responsibilities of producing a major motion picture, likening them to the challenges faced by her on-screen character, Liv Lerner, who confronts problems head-on, and knows how to get things done. "[As a producer] I got to be Liv - bringing together everyone on the production, creating a family of filmmakers, and letting everyone do what they do best," comments the newly-minted hyphenate.

But for a while, says Julie Yorn, who joins Hudson as a producer on BRIDE WARS, the filmmakers were undecided about which role Hudson should take. "Eventually, we realized that there is so much in the part of Liv that is true to Kate's personality, we began to craft the role specifically for her." 

Enter Anne Hathaway, who came aboard the project long before cameras began rolling, to portray Emma. The two characters couldn't be closer, as friends - but further apart in temperament. "I think Emma has gone through life a little too passively," says Hathaway, who recently starred as Agent 99 in the smash comedy "Get Smart," and in an acclaimed performance as the troubled sister-of-the-bride in "Rachel Getting Married." 

"Emma is a really nice, loyal friend, and somebody very comfortable standing in the background," Hathaway continues. "But when her wedding day is threatened, she is willing to fight for it. For the first time in her life, she wants to be 'number-one.' Emma discovers her backbone and her darker side. In the end, she learns that she can honor both aspects of her personality."

"We knew we found the perfect Emma in Anne," says Yorn. "Anne has a quality of innocence that complements Kate's personality. We were lucky to find two actors who have such lovely, likable qualities but who convince us that their on-screen characters can do such awful things to eac


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