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The Supporting Cast
Surrounding Kevin James is a group of comic actors that bring lively performances to their roles. 

Leading the way among them is Jayma Mays as Paul's crush, Amy. She was sold on the role as soon as she read the script and found that her character sells clip-on hair extensions and barrettes at a mall kiosk called Unbeweaveable. "It's the most brilliant thing,” says Mays of the pun. "As soon as I read that in the script, I fell in love with the character.”

Mays, who is best-known for her recurring role as Charlie during the second season of "Ugly Betty,” says she relished her opportunity to work alongside Kevin James. "He's charming, genuine, and very funny,” she says. "He's very open to new ideas and very imaginative. He is so into character; he's an actor's dream.”

At the beginning of the film, Paul Blart is introduced to his new partner. In contrast to the by-the-book Blart, Veck Sims seems lazy, sarcastic, and generally just marking time to earn an easy paycheck… but it is soon revealed that there is more to Veck than meets the eye.

The part is played by Keir O'Donnell, who audiences will remember as the brother, Todd, in the comedy hit Wedding Crashers. "The first time I read through the script, I didn't know that Veck was a bad guy – and not just that, but the leader of the bad guys!” he says. "I thought that if I could be surprised by that, it would be a cool thing for the audience, too.”

"It's fun to play a character like this,” says O'Donnell. "You get to go up to a big, tattooed, muscular athlete and say the most condescending, obnoxious things. I really get to lay into them, because my character in the movie is supposed to be ‘the smart one.' What's really interesting about those guys is how much they were committed to being good actors. They'd come up to me asking for pointers – whatever they could do to improve their performances, they wanted to do. I'm sure that wasn't easy for them, to ask for help like that. But they got back at me when I got on a skateboard, and I'm saying, ‘Can you help me out?' They were just laughing — I was ridiculous.”

Playing Paul's daughter, Maya Blart, is Raini Rodriguez. The 15-year-old actress relished her opportunity to work with Kevin James. "It's like getting a master class in comedy,” says Rodriguez. "He is the king. And we had such great chemistry – on the set, it was like we were really father and daughter. He got a little overprotective – ‘don't walk there, you'll get hurt.' It was really funny.”

The cast is rounded out by Stephen Rannazzisi, who plays Stuart, the oily kiosk pen salesman; Bobby Cannavale, who plays Commander Kent, the SWAT team leader, and Shirley Knight, who plays Paul's mother.

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