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About The Production (Continued)

Going against nature is like that cat who started nursing that monkey. We're just two people who aren't married.

With all of the interconnecting relationships, the filmmakers found themselves dealing with a somewhat nontraditional romantic comedy.

"An important distinction between ‘He's Just Not That Into You' and most romantic comedies is that in most romantic comedies, there's a man and a woman and the question is not whether they'll get together, but how,” offers Kwapis. "In our film, there are nine characters and the question is, ‘Will any of them get together?'”

To answer this it's key to understand one of the finer points of the central theme of both the book and the film: the "no exceptions” rule.

"If a guy doesn't call you and doesn't call you and then still doesn't call you, the rule is he doesn't want to call you,” explains Kwapis. "The exception is that he's not calling you because he's suddenly got a whopping flu and he's laid up and can't even reach to get his cell phone. Those are the rare exceptions. The rule is if a guy acts like he doesn't care, it's because he actually doesn't care. Gigi really clings to the idea that she could be the exception.”

Juvonen continues, "One of the biggest points we wanted to convey is that every woman, by good rights, believes that she is the exception to the rule. She thinks, ‘I'm a little bit different.' Of course, in most cases, she's not.”

The producer smiles. "We are each the exception to someone, but just not to everyone. As Gigi's looking for romance, she sort of narrows down this field hoping to find the right guy and therefore become the exception. Basically, you will be the exception, eventually, if you find the right person—the person you're the exception for and he or she is for you. But only if you first consider yourself the rule.”

But it's not easy. "One of the toughest things to figure out when you're interested in someone is how interested they are in you, and then try to decide whether they are sufficiently attracted to you that you can actually make a move,” declares Kwapis. "A lot of the characters' actions inspired debate among the crew, even as we were shooting it. I've never heard crew guys talk about relationships the way they talked about the relationships between characters on this film. Men usually don't, but the guys on this crew did.”

The director clearly enjoyed the dialogue. "We all know movies where the characters are very clearly black and white and we love them. We love to hate a villain and we love to root for a good guy. This is not that film. This is a film that plunges you into a lot of emotional gray areas.”


"Okay, so clearly he hasn't called. Maybe he's away on business.”


"He sells real estate. In Baltimore. Staying in town is his business.”

For the setting of "He's Just Not That Into You,” the filmmakers considered New York and Los Angeles, but wanted a smaller, more intimate city feel. They turned to Baltimore.

"Baltimore is this wonderful city, it has such a great sense of itself and it generates its own culture,” admires Kwapis. "It's very much its own town but at the same time it also has a familiar, industrial feeling. I loved the architecture, all the brick.”

"Ken had worked in Baltimore before and liked the texture and color of it,” says production designer Gae Buckley. "We also wanted to set the story in early fall and use an autumnal color palette; Baltimore seemed like the right choice.”

Not everything could be shot on location, however, so Buckley's challenge was to turn parts of Los Angeles into the eastern town, which features buildings that date back to the 1700s.



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