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About The Production
The first week of shooting The Pink Panther 2 took place in Paris. The cast and crew traveled to the Eiffel Tower (for the scene re-introducing Clouseau), the Pont de l'Archevéché behind Notre Dame Cathedral (the press conference during which all of the detectives but Clouseau announce the identity of the Tornado), an old street in the Marais district (Clouseau's apartment building), the Chateau Ferriere outside of Paris (the Avellaneda estate), Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts et Métiers (exteriors for the Palais de Justice and the Vatican) and notably Le Petit Palais (the exterior for the climactic party scene) and Le Grand Palais—the huge, recently renovated exposition center built more than 100 years ago in which the cinematic Pink Panther Diamond is on display. 

From Paris, the production moved to Boston, which production designer Rusty Smith calls "A quintessentially European-American city with a heavy Parisian influence.”

"It's movie magic when you enter a door in one country and exit in another country,” says Smith. "My favorite example from this film is after the car that Clouseau's been trying to ticket drives off beneath the Eiffel Tower, we immediately cut to it driving down a street in Boston, dressed like Paris. I'd found the location one late night in Boston when I'd stumbled across this square [Winthrop Sq.]. It was totally deserted and I felt like I was in Paris. It was just magical. After you dress it, bringing in flower stalls, cafe tables and other Parisian elements, even the locals were walking up to the set going, Wow. 

Other Boston locations include the Boston Public Library (the Pope's Bedroom—for which Smith notes "we had to have scale. The balcony from off this room is sixty feet in the air and it's huge--the window is eighteen to twenty feet tall. So finding a room that would be ornate enough was a major challenge. The Boston Public Library is just an amazing piece of Italianate architecture!”); the Massachusetts State House (the three rooms from which the great treasures are found stolen in the opening sequence were created in the MA capitol building's Nurses Hall--the British Library, Memorial Hall--the Shroud's display in Turin, and the quotidian-sounding Massachusetts Hearing Room, for the more exotic museum in Kyoto); the Crane Estate in Ipswich, MA (Avellaneda's estate) and, most notably, the Wang Center in the Citi Performing Arts Center—a 1920s- era theatre whose lobby was used for a full week to film the climactic party sequence—"We needed scale, marble and gold,” notes Smith, "and the Wang Center just had everything!”


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