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Everybody's favorite matriarch, the irreverent, pistol-packing Madea, returns to the big screen to raise more havoc in actor-writer-producer-director Tyler Perry's much anticipated comedic drama TYLER PERRY'S MADEA GOES TO JAIL. Based on one of Perry's most popular stage plays, TYLER PERRY'S MADEA GOES TO JAIL follows Madea's incarceration after yet another stubborn run-in with the law. But even in the rough and tumble world of a high security women's prison, the indomitable Madea refuses to curb her will and begins lobbying for her release, with hilarious results.  "After THE FAMILY THAT PREYS, which was such a big, heavy movie, I wanted to do something where I had some fun,” explains Perry. "I put that Madea costume back on and I think I just went crazy. I had a really great time.”

"The fact that Madea goes to jail doesn't stop her from being Madea,” says producer Reuben Cannon. "So even in prison she continues to be the same cantankerous woman we've all come to know and love.”

Madea was first introduced on screen in Perry's 2005 debut feature TYLER PERRY'S DIARY OF A MAD BLACK WOMAN, followed by another starring role in TYLER PERRY'S MADEA'S FAMILY REUNION (2006) and a brief cameo in 2008's TYLER PERRY'S MEET THE BROWNS, in which Madea leads a squadron of police cars on a high-speed highway chase. But the character had already won a fervent following years before the release of these films with her appearances in a series of Perry's stage plays, beginning with "I Know I've Been Changed.” Madea's rebellious nature, tough love and no-nonsense, kitchen sink wisdom have made the character far and away Perry's most popular creation. "Many of us have a Madea in our lives either in the form of an aunt or grandmother, and we know everything these people do is done out of love,” explains Perry. "And in an age of confusion and doublespeak, Madea says what she believes and acts on what she knows to be true. We respect her because with her we know where we stand.”

As if starring and directing a film weren't enough, Perry also reprises his roles as Joe, Madea's randy, bong-toting, septuagenarian brother; and Joe's straight-laced lawyer son Brian. "Sometimes audience members have a hard time believing that there's only one actor playing all these roles,” says Cannon. "Tyler is so convincing, and he's found a way to distinguish each one of those characters and make each one unique.” When he plays the part of Joe, Perry must endure six hours of makeup before filming begins, while simultaneously directing his crew to prepare the day's shots. The calm that Perry maintains as he manages his myriad responsibilities still impresses Cannon. "There's no way to explain how Tyler can play three characters in a day, and express all these characters so convincingly, while also paying attention to every other detail as a director,” says Cannon. "It's amazing.” 

TYLER PERRY'S MADEA GOES TO JAIL – as with all of Perry's ensemble films – skillfully combines comedic elements with dramatic storylines which reflect Perry's deeply held ideals of forgiveness and redemption. In addition to Madea's adventures in the prison system, the film follows Joshua Hardaway (DEREK LUKE), a young Chicago-based district attorney, and his hardnosed fiancé and fellow attorney, Linda, as they prosecute a repeat offending drug addict and prostitute named Candace (Emmy Award®-winning actress KESHIA KNIGHT PULLIAM). When Hardaway recognizes Candy from his past, Linda is immediately threatened by their connection and tries vehemently to convict her. Meanwhile, Madea befriends Candy in jail, protecting the vulnerable young woman from predatory inmates and providing her with much-needed support. "My films always blend a lot of different genres—comedy, romance, drama, spirituality,” says Perry. "I think MADEA GOES TO JAIL is one the most effective combinations of all those genres we've ever done.”

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