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After he helmed his critically acclaimed 2007 directorial debut, Michael Clayton, writer/director Tony Gilroy decided to return to the arena of corporate dirty tricks…but this time with an eye toward romance. He created a story filled with twists and turns, using the backdrop of a cutthroat race between rival titans vying to be the first to bring a miracle product to market. The heart of the story, however, is the emotional warfare between a pair of romantically challenged, strong-willed lovers who happen to be on either side of the corporate battle…or so it seems.

The idea for Duplicity started with Gilroy's fascination with the intricacies of industrial espionage.

His years of research as the architect of the screen- plays in the blockbuster Bourne franchise had introduced him to many people in the intelligence community, and he had noticed that many of them had recently gone into the private sector. Gilroy crafted a nimble script set in this world that combined elements of the screwball comedy with the plot reversals of a classic caper.

Of his research and inspiration for the story's setting, he shares, "The statistics of corporate theft are somewhere between $50 and $100 billion every year. There isn't a major corporation on the planet that doesn't have a competitive intelligence department with some form of either defensive or offensive intelligence gathering, which are basically spy units.”

The filmmaker designed a cold war between two giant corporations in which the spies are actually trying to dupe their employers. He constructed an intricate web of deceit between the rival magnates, and he inserted agents into the mix whose love is as high stakes as the scheme itself.

This star-crossed pair is ex-CIA agent Claire Stenwick and former MI6 operative Ray Koval. Gilroy underscores that their personal entanglements are complicating their jobs, and the constant deceit makes it hard to know where they stand with one another. He says, "They never tell the truth. Everybody's gaming everybody; everything is constantly not what it seems.”

We meet Claire and Ray through a series of flashbacks that track their relationship—beginning with their first encounter in Dubai in 2003 and taking us through the plotting of their big heist in Manhattan of today. When he imagined the couple, one curious question kept coming to the filmmaker's mind: "How do scorpions make love?” Of the idea, Gilroy elaborates: "I wondered what happens if two people fall in love who are both professional liars. It's really hard for them; who else is there for them? They're their own species.”

The first time they meet, then-MI6 operative Ray is simply a mark for CIA agent Claire. She seduces him at a consulate party in Dubai, drugs him and then ransacks his room to steal Egyptian Air Defense codes. Elaborates Gilroy's production partner, producer Jennifer Fox, of the setup: "Claire leaves Ray with this smile on his face. He's both completely taken with this woman and incredibly frustrated. He needs to find her. They meet again in Rome, have a lost weekend and decide to work together and leave their jobs with the CIA and MI6 and go private…to cash in and have one big giant score that will allow them to be together.”

Gilroy adds, "After Dubai, they don't see each other for a long time, and they reconnect under very unusual circumstances. The whole movie is about the two of them deciding whether they're really in love, whether they can trust each other and whether they're going to get rich in the middle of this corporate espionage war.”

Gilroy also created Howard Tully (head of Burkett & Randle) and Dick Garsik (head of Omnikrom), two giants among the pharmaceutical world whose ambition and

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