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Global Shoot
So his co-stars would be able to nail the tempo of their rat-a-tat dialogue, prior to shooting Gilroy spent a week rehearsing scenes with Roberts and Owen. "You're prospecting all the time and desperate for things to happen that are not planned,” he says. "It's happened here. The chemistry between Clive and Julia is really strong, and it's smart.”

Roberts welcomed the extra week to prepare for the film and slip into, as Gilroy phrases, "the wardrobe of her character.” She also appreciated the luxury of time to rehearse for a role, versus jumping right into it. Both Roberts and Owen respected that Claire and Ray have prepared for this heist for years and were determined to have every look, nuance and minute detail in place. They will do anything not to risk losing $40 million. Indeed, it would take every minute of rehearsal time for the actors to prepare to deliver Gilroy's lines just as rapid-fire as they were written.

To put him in the mind-set of the control freak Garsik, Giamatti was sent to an Upper East Side men's barbershop for a taste of the pampered life one would expect a mogul to enjoy. Explains Jennifer Fox: "Paul is so down-to-earth, not the guy who would be doing this on his own. We wanted him to get the manicure and have a shave in one of those old-fashioned men's clubs—to have that pristine, corporate feeling.”

The opening sequence of the film has our two CEOs racing toward one another. Wilkinson was game to rehearse the fight in a dance studio with Giamatti. To set the stage, Tully and Garsik have disembarked from their private jets, have left their entourages behind and launch into a playground brawl. To prepare for this scene—ultimately shot in an airline hangar in Upstate New York—the two men grappled around comically on wrestling mats.

Recalls Fox, "We planned every move with a stunt coordinator, and we used padding on the ground. There's this moment when Tom picks up Paul, and he's in the air, then lands on the ground. Their fists are flying; it's out of control and fantastic.”

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