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As Our Heroes Walk Into A Three Dimensional Sunset
"Monsters vs. Aliens” proved to be a project of firsts for every member of the cast and crew…whether they knew it or not. But whatever the technical developments the film can boast, it is the content—the story and the characters—that most kept with them after the film had wrapped.

Reese Witherspoon offers, "I think this is a great movie for people to see. I know my kids are gonna love it. I can't wait ‘til they get to see it. It's got great stuff boys like, action and adventure, but it's also got this great message for girls, about really finding your true self, what you really value about yourself. But it's also fun and funny—it's something for everyone, I think.”

For director Conrad Vernon, the fun is in the pudding, so to speak: "Honestly, the fun is watching the film come together. That's it. I love watching what the crew is doing. That is thoroughly entertaining to me—the one moment of peace I have where I go into a room and I pull up these shots: ‘Let's see the animation on this.' ‘Let's see the lighting on this.' ‘Oh, look at the effect, they added the effect…' Just being able to see this stuff start to come together is so exciting…that's my one outlet and that's the one thing that gives the greatest fulfillment of this job, is just seeing what these amazing artists can do and how they pull it all together to make this movie.”

Director Rob Letterman closes, "The great fun is all these crazy people getting in a room coming up with insane ideas that you could only do in an animated film. We have a great team of people—animation is very collaborative. We have a lot of people on the film who create amazing pieces of art or great story ideas. And all of us, together, we constantly shape it, and finally we have a movie, and this one is fun and exciting.”


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