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Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment present EDtv, a story about instant fame, overnight success, and sharing your life with a few million of your closest friends

Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment present EDtv, a story about instant fame, overnight success, and sharing your life with a few million of your closest friends. A new comedy directed by Ron Howard and produced by Brian Grazer and Howard, EDtv stars Matthew McConaughey (A Time to Kill). Jenna Elfman (TV's Dharma & Greg). Woody Harrelson (The People vs. Larry Flynt), Sally Kirkland (Anna), Martin Landau (The X-Files), Ellen DeGeneres (TV's Ellen), Rob Reiner, Dennis Hopper (Hoosiers, Speed) and Elizabeth Honey (Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery). The film's screenplay was written by Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel (Parenthood, City Slickers), based on Michael Poulette's 1994 French-Canadian film, Louis XIX: Roi des Ondes (Louis 19: King of the Airwaves). The film's executive producers are Todd Hallowell, Michel Roy and Richard Sadler, who produced the 1994 foreign language production.

Howard also reunites with several of his key craftspeople, including production designer Michael Corenblirh (Ransom, Apollo 13, Mighty Joe Young), costume designer Rita Ryack (Ransom, Casino, Wag the Dog), three-time Oscar® -winning sound mixer David MacMillan (Apollo 13, Speed, The Right Stuff and Academy Award-winning film editors Mike Hill and Dan Hanley (Apollo 13, Ransom, Backdraft). Cinematographer John Schwartzman (The Rock, Conspiracy Theor,. Armageddon) joins Howard for the first time.

The NorthWest Broadcasting Company's flagship cable channel, True TV, has suffered a catastrophic slide in their ratings in the two years they have been on the air. Renowned for their documentary programming, they have now lost ground, as program director Cynthia Topping (DeGeneres) bluntly states, to something called The Gardening Channel.

So, in a desperate attempt to boost the station's ratings and save her career with the network, Topping cultivates a novel idea, a new concept in the history of broadcasting-putting one ordinary person's life on cable TV 24 hours-a-day! Unlike the historic PBS documentary on the Loud Family two decades ago, and totally dissimilar to MTV's popular Real World show, Topping's program will contain no script.. .no actors.. .no editing. Each and every second will be true. Unscripted. Unedited. Unrehearsed. Uninterrupted. And, unpredictable. According to Topping, America is supposed to sit in front of their TVs and watch this person live.., live!

Once network executives reluctantly okay the idea, Topping and her staff set out to find the ideal candidate for this unprecedented format, which could, if it fails, become a new low point in network programming. After numerous auditions, they pluck a boyish, goofy, thirty-something guy from San Francisco, Ed Pekurny (McConaughey). Within a week, this unambitious video store clerk has become the blockbuster hit of the TV season. And, as True TV's ratings soar, the eyes of America are on one thing.. EDtv. This new media sensation spawns fan clubs, stalkers, national headlines and even television imitators as EDtv becomes a public obsession and a new emblem of the American psyche.

At the outset, Ed welcomes the constant attention as he is shadowed, wherever he goes, by a three-man video crew. Once inside his apartment, several mounted cameras record his mundane existence. As Ed sleeps, the network carrie

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