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About The Production
Daniel Kunka's early script drafts were set in Chicago, but producer Michael Lake had another city in mind – New Orleans – for both creative and economic reasons. Consequently, Lake and Kunka flew to The Big Easy to scout locations, and Kunka rewrote the script to reflect the new locale. "You'll see more of New Orleans in the picture than in any other movie that was shot here,” says Lake. "The city is part of the fabric of the film. We see the Ninth Ward, the French Quarter, the Central Business District, and Algiers.” Adds Harlin: "New Orleans has an exotic tropical feel that no other city in America has.”

But fresh in everyone's mind was the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Evidence of the cataclysmic storm was still very much apparent. "It was obvious to us that something of biblical proportions happened here, but everybody here has been rebuilding and trying to get their lives back together,” says Ashley Scott. "We have met some really special people and heard some really special stories.”


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