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Burr Steers worked with his creative team—including director of photography Tim Suhrstedt, production designer Garreth Stover and costume designer Pamela Withers Chilton—to craft a visual style for the film that subtly conveys Mike's changing perspective at the different points in his life. The director explains, "When Mike is 17, his world is bright and the colors are much more vivid. Then when he is older, he is looking at life through a tainted lens—the colors are muted and drab, reflecting the grim reality of being an adult having to support his family in a job he hates.”

"17 Again” was filmed at various locations in and around Los Angeles, California. The O'Donnell home was located in a San Fernando Valley suburb, where Garreth Stover and his team transformed the backyard into a lush garden spot to reflect Scarlet's aspirations of becoming a landscape architect.

A house in the hills near Griffith Park became Ned Gold's house, which was designed to look like the ultimate fanboy retreat, right down to the bed made to look like a landspeeder from "Star Wars.” "Our set decorator, Natalie Pope, did a helluva job shopping for much of the memorabilia, which ran the gamut of anything that was science fiction or comic book-oriented,” Stover says. "And Lucasfilm gave us permission to use the ‘Star Wars' stuff, which was wonderful of them.”

Pamela Withers Chilton was also able to get wildly creative with Ned's wardrobe, which Thomas Lennon says "ranges from nerdy to totally hideous, but Ned is supposed to be rich, so it's all quite expensive. Every time they hung something in my trailer, I could hardly believe it—I wore a shiny vest that looks like it was made out of a plastic garbage bag and it was something like eleven hundred dollars. I guess the mission statement for my character was ‘There's no accounting for taste.'”

Chilton offers, "Thomas Lennon is hilarious and was so much fun to work with. Putting together his wardrobe was truly a collaboration: I would go out and find pieces that struck me and then bring them in for him to try on. I think my favorite moment was when he put on an outfit and said, ‘Okay, maybe we have gone too far,'” she laughs.

The costume designer says she conceived Zac Efron's clothes to reflect the transition of his character as Mike adjusts to the styles of the day. "The first time he goes to register for school, he is overly trendy and realizes that he is out of touch with the current fashion sense of teenagers. The next time we see Mike, he is trying hard to be cool in his jeans, white t-shirt and leather jacket. But as we go on, he becomes more and more comfortable in his ‘new skin,' and there is no need to grandstand. He looks great, but it appears effortless.”

One of the main locations utilized in "17 Again” was Santa Monica High School, where the cast and filmmakers got a taste of what it might be like to step into Mike O'Donnell's shoes…at least for the moment. Efron reflects, "The idea of going back to high school as an adult is incredible…until you actually get there. It's like this scary world of adolescent insecurities, where everyone is trying to figure out what they want to do with the rest of their lives. It's organized chaos.”

"I would not want to go back to high school,” producer Jennifer Gibgot states. "I feel lucky that I don't have to relive all those awkward phases to become the person that I am. But,” she smiles, "I can happily look back on that time, and I confess I did enjoy experiencing a little bit of it again vicariously through this film.”

Producer Adam Shankman concludes, "Those moments of wanting to be young again and start over is something I believe most people can relate to. I like aspirational entertainment, living out my dreams through movies. I think that's what makes movies<


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