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Feeling Obsessed
Even more than a tale of love gone too far, Obsessed is a worst-case scenario of what can happen when the roles of victim and perpetrator are reversed. "We live in a modern world in which we all have to sign sexual harassment agreements at work,” says director Shill. "We are now, to a certain extent, at the mercy of the law, and we all have to be much more careful than we ever were. We're particularly at the mercy of someone who wants to exploit their rights…rationally or irrationally.”

"This film honestly is a great thriller,” adds Elba. "I don't think it's going to be what people expect.” Ali Larter says simply, "I can promise you this: you're not going to sit there and be bored! It's perfect to get away and be entertained.”

"I think this movie is very well-rounded,” says Knowles. "It's very dramatic, it's very suspenseful. But it's also great fun – Steve understands the humor in all the drama, which is important.” Knowles thinks the film is going to leave viewers feeling empowered, particularly women. "Everyone can relate to it,” she says, "Good karma comes back.”


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