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After becoming immersed in an adventure that pitted him against the Catholic Church and two thousand years of sacred religious history, Robert Langdon is back in Angels & Demons – and this time finds himself in the heart of the Vatican, attempting to save the Church from one of its oldest enemies: the Illuminati.

"Langdon enters into Angels & Demons with an icy relationship vis-à-vis the Vatican because of the events of The Da Vinci Code,” says Tom Hanks, who reprises his role as the formidable Professor Langdon. "He has a great knowledge of the church's rituals and history but he is not necessarily a welcome person. Essentially, there is a grab for power at the Vatican in the guise of the hijacking of the papal election and, in spite of his history with the church, Langdon is called in to try to prevent it.”

"The Vatican is under attack at its most vulnerable moment,” say director Ron Howard, who returns to the world of Dan Brown after directing the worldwide phenomenon The Da Vinci Code, which in 2006 took in more than $750 million worldwide. "The Vatican is going through conclave, the time when Cardinals elect a new Pope. When they are under the threat of murder and a ticking time bomb, they call upon Robert Langdon, the only one who has the expertise and ability to cut through the mystery, understand the symbols, and try to avert this disaster. He is not the man the Vatican trusts – he is the man the Vatican needs.”

In Angels & Demons, Langdon attempts to thwart the Illuminati – a centuries-old underground organization – and their plans to wreak havoc on the Vatican. For Howard, that idea made for a perfect villain and a worthy antagonist for Robert Langdon. "When I read Angels & Demons, I was really engrossed by the idea of the Illuminati,” says Howard. "This secret society, said to include people like Galileo and Bernini. What happened to them? Were they really crushed? Did they really leave us? There are those who believe that the Illuminati have survived as an organization and are with us in secret today, influencing our everyday lives, government policy decisions, and corporate strategies.”

"In our story, the Illuminati return for an act of revenge reaching back four hundred years,” says producer Brian Grazer. "The Illuminati have kidnapped four Cardinals – the favorites to become the new Pope – and threaten to destroy the Vatican and Vatican City. Vatican authorities call upon Robert Langdon – an old foe, in their minds – to help them in this moment of crisis. Only Langdon can decipher the mysterious Illuminati codes, tied to the ancient symbols of earth, air, fire, and water.”

"What's so great about a Robert Langdon adventure is that it stimulates so much curiosity and research,” Howard continues. "You read the book or see the movie, then you go to the library or on the internet – you want to understand Bernini, Galileo, their relationships with the Vatican, with the art world, with science, and the mystery of the Illuminati. Whether you believe it or not, it's fascinating stuff, and in Dan Brown's fertile imagination, it leads to a spellbinding set of clues and a great mystery.”

Producer John Calley adds, "I was fortunate to have discovered Dan's books just before the rest of America got their hands on The Da Vinci Code and it became a phenomenon. I think what he's created in The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons is a franchise for our times. Both books are fast-paced thrillers with a dynamic, ingenious hero at the center. It's no wonder that Dan has achieved such astounding success and we look forward to his next Robert Langdon thriller with great anticipation.”

For Howard, those are the very reasons that made returning to direct Angels & Demons such an easy choice. "There's something unique about what Dan has created in this Robert Langdon charac

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