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Casting Characters
For the cast of "Dance Flick,” the producers decided to stay away from known names, keeping the joke telling at the center. "Casting the movie was a real challenge for us,” says producer Alvarez. "We were hoping to find really funny people who could dance. We focused heavily on the funny and just kept our fingers crossed that they could dance, too.”

"Finding new young actors who could make an audience laugh at any cost, was the primary objective,” notes Alvarez. "There's no vanity in comedy. One of the great things about working with young actors is that they're not afraid to get out there and get their hands dirty.”

"I didn't want to go the name route. I really wanted to come out with some fresh new energy,” says Damien Dante, the film's director. "I'm a first-timer and people believed in me, so I believed in giving back to others.” First and foremost was Damon Wayans, Jr. as Thomas Uncles, whom Damon describes as "the nerdiest black dude you could ever imagine.”

Originally, Damon wasn't even considering acting in the film at all. "I wasn't even supposed to have a part in the movie. I was just writing jokes for it and I wound up auditioning. They asked me – I think they were just being nice,” he laughs.

"However, getting a part in a Wayans film isn't a given, even if Wayans is your last name,” he notes. "They made me audition five times! I was, like, ‘Where's the nepotism? Come on, kick in!'”

The son of Marlon's brother, Damon, is often called "Damon D Rock,” "Little D,” "D June” – "Everything but my real name,” he notes. "Anything to make fun of anything, they come up with.” (Most of the cast referred to him simply as "Junior,” he mentions).

"He hates it when people say it, but he looks and sounds just like big Damon,” says co-star Affion Crockett. "He has a little touch of Marlon, a touch of Jim Carrey – he has the whole ‘In Living Color' squad inside him. He's like this cartoon baby that came out of Damon Wayans' loins. He's hilarious.” He didn't get the role right away, though. "It was weird,” Damon recalls. "I'd do an audition and then go have a family dinner right after that, and they're like, ‘You're really close, man. Pass the salt.'”

"The odds were stacked against him,” says director Damien. "But Little Damon came in and put his foot in this role. He's funny, he's organic and he's relentless. You can look to the kid for a joke a minute – boom, boom, boom. And he has that charm on screen, too.”

To develop his character, Damon harkened back to his youth. "I just thought of me before I ever got any, you know, when you think you're so cool, like when I was 13. I backtracked and watched a lot of Sean Patrick Thomas movies.”

For his co-star, the producers cast actress Shoshana Bush, who plays Megan White, a take-off on the Julia Stiles character in "Save the Last Dance.” "She's sort of the girl-next-door type, naïve to everything that's going on around her, but she's also becoming a woman as she's learning the dance moves,” Bush says. "‘Save the Last Dance' was one of my favorite movies growing up, so I'm just thrilled to be able to send-up that character in my own way.” "Shoshana truly does have a girl-next-door quality,” notes Damien.

"Plus, she's a beautiful girl, stunning and just plain funny. She reminds me of a young Lucille Ball. I don't think she truly knows how funny she is. We put that girl through the ups and downs of movie making and she totally stepped up to the plate.”

Part of those ups and downs, besides an immense amount of dancing, included an oil wrestling scene with her nemesis Nora (played by Christina Murphy). "Christina and I kept bouncing ideas off each other on how to bitch people out,” Bush recalls. "We're enemies in the movie, but we had so much fun. As Keenen says, ‘there's no vanity in comedy

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