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On Exhibit: Characters New And Familiar
Ben Stiller As Larry Daley, Former Night Guard

In the original Night at the Museum, Ben Stiller portrayed a night guard whose new job at the Museum of Natural History pushes him to discover his true potential as he attempts to survive a night in which every exhibit in the museum comes to life . . . and comes after him. NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM: THE BATTLE AT THE SMITHSONIAN finds Larry in an entirely new situation. He's become a success. As an infomercial inventor, he's attained riches and even a smattering of fame, but he seems to have lost something vital that he can't quite put his finger on. But as soon as he gets drawn into this new and life-changing adventure at the Smithsonian -- he's reminded of the importance of friendship and just how great following your wildest ideas can be.

Shawn Levy knew that the believability of Larry's second adventure would hinge once again on Stiller. After going on to direct and star in one of 2008's most acclaimed R-rated comedy hits Tropic Thunder, Stiller was excited to return to the more innocent world of the museum.

"Ben and I were really thrown into the first movie barely knowing each other, says Shawn Levy, "but now there's a lot of trust and comfort between us – which gives you more freedom. There was a sense of going into something even bigger for both of us. And Ben has a brilliantly quick comedic mind which you know is going to produce all kinds of golden nuggets.”

For Stiller the chance to reprise the role of Larry inside the Smithsonian was a childhood fantasy realized. "The Smithsonian was always my favorite museum,” he says. "I'll always remember going there as a kid because they had the U.S.S. Enterprise from Star Trek there. But this time Larry faces even stiffer odds, as he battles to free his friends from the perils of ancient evil. "This time Larry isn't amazed by the exhibits coming to life because he knows what to expect,” Stiller notes. "So he already knows how to deal with these strange characters and creatures popping up out of nowhere.”

There was also another big draw for Stiller in Larry's new adventure: a love connection with one of history's most alluring and mysterious women, Amelia Earhart. "The first movie was kind of lonely because it was Larry against the exhibits,” Stiller says. "But this time Larry has someone to run around the Smithsonian with and that made it so much more fun.”

The only thing Stiller wasn't looking forward to was a reunion with the Capuchin monkeys who proved so pesky – and endangered his nose – on the first film. "The monkeys are back but I was only semi-excited about that because I had traumatic memories from the first experience,” Stiller quips. "But I guess it's like childbirth in that you forget about the pain and find yourself doing it all over again. I will say that Crystal is a true professional but she does not know how to ‘fake' a punch.”

The thing that really inspired Stiller for a second go-round was the spirit of the whole enterprise -- and the inspiration that might come of it. "For me, it was great to hear that the first movie actually inspired more people to go to museums. It's really nice to hear that kids are getting excited about museums in a time when there are so many other distractions,” he says. Amy Adams as Amelia Earhart, Aviation Pioneer

Few women symbolize the all-out spirit of adventure more than Amelia Earhart, the aviation groundbreaker who changed history with her stereotype-shattering solo flights that affected generations of women. As famous for her smarts, wit and fierce independence as she was for her daring flying skills, Amelia became known as "Lady Lindy” after becoming the first woman pilot to cross the Atlantic. She was at the height of her popularity when she disappeared over the Pacific in 1937 – but has continued to be a beloved heroine ar

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