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Creatures & The World of the Matrix

In addition to the groundbreaking action by human beings, there is a new world revealed in "The Matrix," one that allows for the depiction of several fantastic creatures and landscapes.

Emphasize the Wachowskis, "Our approach to filmmaking is very concerned with images; film is a graphic medium - it's about pictures."

Many of their designs were inspired by classic graphic novels and the work of noted comic-book artists. They were especially pleased to have enlisted the participation of GEOF DARROW, one of their favorite comic-book artists. "He was responsible for the look of the Sentinels, the Pods, and the Towers," recount the Wachowskis. "Geof is one of our favorite artists and we were really thrilled to have his involvement in this project. He's from Iowa but he's living in Paris right now, and we weren't sure he'd be willing to work on this, but he was so modest - 'are you sure you want me?' - and his ideas were just fantastic. He made great contributions to the movie."

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