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Getting Dressed
Costume Designer Catherine Marie Thomas Works the Wardrobe Margaret's high-fashion, knock-out business attire is, says Bullock, "her armor—the tighter, more severe, cinched and hardened, the better. She knows she looks good, but her clothes are not primarily intended to make her look good. She's used to having things constricted and strong so she can keep herself contained. If you take her out of that armor, she unravels.”

Costume designer Catherine Marie (Cat) Thomas called on decades past to develop Margaret's wardrobe. "I was inspired to do this very structured '40s silhouette because Margaret's very uptight and regimented, and Sandy was thrilled,” says Thomas. "So our departure point was the silhouette of the '40s, as worn by Katharine Hepburn and Rosalind Russell.

Sandy's got great legs so you can do a pencil skirt up to the knee, but we purposely made them longer so that she would be more nipped in and would have to alter the way she walked. She loves that. She is so physical. She didn't have to wear four-inch heels, either, but she said, ‘No, it's great!' because, as much pain as she may have been in, it made her walk and stand differently.

"There was nothing that we could pull from a department store,” Thomas continues. "Designing for Margaret was about building every piece of clothing for this powerful woman who is very confined. Everything was about her power, yet had to be feminine at the same time.”

Thomas particularly liked putting together Margaret's wedding attire since the script indicated Margaret would be wearing Gammy's dress. "It's a late '20s early '30s sort of biasedgown look,” says Thomas. "It's pretty unique and Sandy and I were excited about the dress because it's different than most wedding gowns.”

Ryan Reynolds' character had two distinct looks, says Thomas. "Anne Fletcher and I talked about how Andrew is that sort of effortlessly sexy guy. Although his family has money, he's really trying to prove himself, so at work his look is very professional. But when he and Margaret leave for their weekend he's totally prepared with jeans, T-shirt and a jacket because, of course, he knows that Sitka is very casual, very comfortable. Margaret is in a dress and high heels—there's quite the contrast.”

Thomas had more of a challenge dressing—or rather undressing—Oscar Nuñez's Ramon, who does a scene as a male stripper. "Anne had this sort of 1980s reference—a guy who used to strip in the late '80s and never let it go. So in addition to breakaway clothing, the little bowtie and the cuffs, we added his '80s Reeboks jazzercise shoes. Oh, and the knee pads. That was another nice touch.”

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