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Building The G-Force
"The genesis of the movie is interesting,” says director Hoyt H. Yeatman Jr. "I'd wanted to develop a project that broke new ground visually; it was actually my five-year-old son who came up with the spark of the idea. He brought home the class guinea pig from preschool and started talking about guinea pigs as soldiers, wearing uniforms and little army helmets. So I said, ‘Well, why not have a band of these guys who are secret agents?'

"We all laughed,” continues Yeatman, "but then I got on the internet and found some really interesting and bizarre stories about animals being trained by the American government for covert activities, including cats, dolphins, sharks and insects. It just lit up the imagination and off we went.”

"Out of the mouths of babes,” says producer Jerry Bruckheimer. "The idea was utterly off- the-wall, which was just fine with us, because it was also completely original. The amazing thing is that the fantasy element of ‘G-FORCE' is based on certain realities. For years, the government has engaged in top-secret programs in which they train animals to help defend the nation—from dolphins detecting mines to cockroaches carrying recording devices. So we kicked it to the next level—what if a scientist figured out a way to not only train such animals, but to actually communicate with them?”

Building on the guinea-pigs-as-secret-agents concept, filmmakers created a G-Force that consists of three guinea pigs, a star-nosed mole and a house fly—all extremely dedicated to their work. "They know that at any given moment, the fate of the world may very well be in their paws,” says Bruckheimer.

But to make the movie work—and be somewhat believable—the animals had to communicate somehow. Enter character Dr. Ben Kendall, the genius behind the film's G-Force. "His breakthrough is the fact that they actually have little headsets, and the headsets allow them to speak fluent English,” says Yeatman. "In the movie, animals have always been able to understand English. In their world, they speak just like we do, but to communicate with humans, they have to wear that headset.”

Dr. Kendall's secret operation includes an amazing array of gadgetry that aids in G-Force's efforts. From motorized exercise balls to night vision to tiny militarized PDAs, the G-Force is aptly outfitted to save the world. "They have a base-jumping low-altitude parasail,” says Yeatman. "When they need to jump to the top of the roofs they have a rocket assist. In the world of ‘G-FORCE,' the guinea pigs have lots of really cool gizmos.”

The G-Force's training and high-tech spy equipment are put to the test when they uncover a billionaire industrialist's sinister plan to destroy the world. Duty calls, and the G-Force springs into action.

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