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Behind The G-Force
Much like the fictional G-Force, the movie "G-FORCE” employs the latest technologies, taking the film to the next level. But producer Jerry Bruckheimer says there's another aspect of the film that really makes the four-legged G-Force work. "It's the humans who bring these animals and their world fully alive,” says Bruckheimer.

Nicolas Cage ("Knowing,” "National Treasure”), a lifelong fan of animation, provides the voice of Speckles, the blind and brilliant, star-nosed mole. "G-FORCE” was to be the actor's sixth collaboration with Bruckheimer (with "The Sorcerer's Apprentice” soon to follow as the seventh), but one unlike any of the others. "Jerry showed me pictures of the ‘G-FORCE' characters and said I could play any role I wanted,” says Cage.

"When I saw Speckles, something about it got to me, and I thought I could do something interesting with the voice. It was important to me to create a new voice that was unrecognizable from my own vocal patterns. It was also important to me to go into an area that had kind of a zany intensity. To me, that's what would make Speckles fun to play, and hopefully fun for the audience.

"One of my favorite actors is Mel Blanc,” continues Cage, referring to the great vocal talent behind Warner Bros. cartoon characters Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam. "He was a marvelous character actor. We knew him only from his voices, so I thought it would be fun to create a whole new voice for this marvelous looking little mole in ‘GFORCE.'”

"Nic Cage has created a terrific voice for Speckles, sort of going back to a 1930s kind of character,” says Bruckheimer. "Then there's Sam Rockwell, who also has a wonderful voice, powerful and strong, as Darwin, the team leader.”

"Oh, it's very strange,” admits Rockwell about bringing a non-human character to life. "But when they said ‘action guinea pig movie,' I showed up—I was like, ‘I'm there!' Darwin is a superspy and has sort of a Steve McQueen guinea-pig vibe, so it's fun to play an action hero.” Rockwell ("Frost/Nixon,” "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford”) had experience with guinea pigs, having had one for a pet when he was a kid. "His name was Ralph and he used to bite my finger a lot,” recalls the actor.

"It didn't feel good. I don't know if Ralph liked me or not, but I think he had some emotional issues. Darwin is much more well-adjusted.”

Rockwell was able to record some of Darwin's scenes with his friend and colleague Jon Favreau ("The Break-Up,” "Four Christmases”). The character actor and director of the recent smash hit "Iron Man” provides the voice of the fat and happy Hurley who members of the G-Force meet up with in a pet store.

"I'm the flatulent comic relief in the film,” says Favreau. "I think that if you're going to play a guinea pig, you want to be a funny guinea pig. Hurley thinks that Darwin is his brother, based on a birthmark that they both have, and he's taken quite a shine to the guy.

Hurley has grown up in a pet shop, never adopted by a family, and he's a bit needy for attention and love. GForce becomes his de facto family, and Darwin his long-lost brother, even though he probably isn't. I think Hurley gives an emotional center to the group.”

Favreau was attracted to the material for reasons both artistic and personal. "It's fun to do voiceover because you get to be a part of the movie but don't have to deal with things like going out of town, living in hotels, getting into makeup. Also, I have three kids, so it was a chance to be part of something that my family could enjoy watching together.”

Tracy Morgan (TV's "30 Rock,” "The Longest Yard”) was called on for the voice of Blaster, a key member of the G-Force who's known for his tough attitude and weapons expertise. "Blast

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