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Taking Technology To The Big Screen
Gizmos, Gadgets and Scary Household Appliances Invade "G-FORCE” Every secret agent has to have his gear, and the members of G-Force are no exception. Never mind that they're a fraction of the customary size for such accoutrements. "G-Force is all tricked out,” says Bruckheimer. "They have parachutes, blowtorches, their own communication system. Mooch the Fly has the latest in surveillance technology. James Bond would be envious.”

"Ben Kendall is a tinkerer and an adventurer at heart,” says Yeatman. "He has the equipment to build the more advanced technology that the government maybe wouldn't have funded. So he firmly believes in equipping G-Force with the latest and best equipment, not to mention a Rapid Deployment Vehicle, or RDV, which looks like the militarized version of the transparent balls that hamsters and guinea pigs roll around in for exercise. We use them in a terrific chase scene.”

Each member of G-Force has their preferred gears and gadgets. Darwin utilizes nightvision goggles, a plasma cutter and an all-important PDA. Blaster has his scuba equipment (including a nifty aqua scooter) and grappling hooks, and is a beast for commandeering toy remote-controlled cars. Juarez, as a martial arts expert, generally relies on her own skills, but has a more than passing familiarity with scuba gear, whirling bolos and parasailing. Speckles, of course, has his computer. And Mooch, a genius at surveillance and communication, has his nano-camera, which can transmit fly-on-the-wall imagery to the rest of the team.

No detail went unexplored by Yeatman and his design team. "Speckles has a very unique work station,” says the director. "As a star-nosed mole, he has very unique digging claws, so we knew that a normal computer keyboard wouldn't work. We had to ergonomically design something that a mole could use.”

Deborah Evans and her department were also responsible for the design of G-Force's gadgets, gizmos and gear, as well as the Sabersense household appliances, with their retro look which give way to monstrous manifestations once Saber puts his sinister plan into action. In the world of "G-FORCE,” Saberling brand electric coffee makers, refrigerators, mixers, waffle makers, blenders, toasters, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, dryers and microwave ovens all have a terrifying (and terrifyingly funny) flip side when the right (or wrong) buttons are pushed. "The appliances reference classic industrial design when everything was made out of metal,” explains Evans.

Adds supervising art director Avery, "Each of the appliances, when they come to life, has a little bit of animal feel to it. The washer and dryer are like a gorilla. The toaster spits its heating coils at you. The coffee maker sprouts legs and walks around in a very strange kind of Frankenstein manner. The microwave tries to lure one of our characters into it with some cake.”

Having a field day with the monstrous appliances and other action elements of the film were stunt coordinators Brian Machleit and Doug Coleman, and second unit director Kenny Bates. Machleit orchestrated such mayhem as an FBI Hostage Rescue Team assault on Leonard Saber's futuristic mansion, while Bates coordinated and shot a car-chase scene between Agents Carter and Trigstad in a black SUV and Darwin, Juarez and Hurley in the G-Force Rapid Deployment Vehicle. "The car chase is a classic mainstay of action movies,” says Bruckheimer. "But we never like to repeat ourselves. Bullitt and Popeye Doyle never had to chase three guinea pigs in an RDV.”

For Bruckheimer, Yeatman and their talented group of actors and behind-the-scenes artists, it was all in a day's work. "I think that ‘G-FORCE' is built for the whole family,” says Yeatman. "People will love seeing these animals in an action movie setting, and will probab


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