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MOON is a story full of paradoxes. It's an intimate character portrayal in a starkly impersonal outer-space setting; a three-man drama with just a single actor visible onscreen; and a futuristic vision that harkens back to classic sci-fi, but also looks a lot like utilitarian heavy industry as we know it. "There is a reason why "indie” and "science fiction” are rarely seen together in the same sentence,” observes MOON director Duncan Jones. "Sci-fi by its very nature often demands the biggest production values, and, as you can imagine, that's the hardest thing to achieve with an indie budget. So putting MOON together was an intricate puzzle: we wanted to tell a story that was both intimately human but universal in appeal; we wanted to keep our cast small and our shooting environment completely controllable; and we wanted to get every last drop of screen value out of our visual effects. It was hugely ambitious, but it paid off—we made an honest-to-goodness science fiction film, with an intense story, an amazing performance by an extraordinary actor, chock-full of gorgeous special effects, and we did it in 33 days and on a small budget.”

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