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About The Production
What if you weren't in control of your own actions? What could you be forced to do against your will? Have sex with a complete stranger? Kill the people you love? In GAMER, a techno-themed action-thriller set in the not-too-distant future, co-creators Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor (CRANK) have taken simulated reality into a terrifying new dimension. 

 Following the success of the CRANK films, which Neveldine and Taylor describe as "pure ADD candy,” the duo wanted to tackle a deeper story featuring bigger ideas and more complex characters. The filmmakers create three unique worlds within GAMER, each with its own filmic style and design. 

"The simulated reality game, ‘Slayers,' is a massive, multiplayer battlefield; ‘Society' is a tripped-out, fetishistic social-networking community; and then the real world exists outside the games,” explains Neveldine. "Each one has its own look and feeling, its own set of visual rules – from color to camera movement to effects to set design.” 

"GAMER has all the hallmarks of Neveldine's and Taylor's sick, yet genius minds,” says actor Gerard Butler, who stars as Kable, a gladiator who fights to regain his identity within the gaming system that holds him captive.

 "They really have an innate, natural ability to create these kinds of concepts without over-thinking them, while creating great characters and keeping this element of freshness, youth and progressive thinking. They're very talented.” 

Like most successful science fiction, GAMER's speculations about the future have a firm basis in present day reality. 

According to producer Tom Rosenberg, that's part of its appeal. He says, "Although the story is far out, it's grounded in reality. In fact, everything in the game, although set in the future, is really taking place right now, just to a lesser degree.” Producer Gary Lucchesi agrees. 

"I think all the best science fiction is an extension of what you're currently seeing. You speculate on what's happening now and exaggerate it. I remember listening to the radio one day coming to work,” he recalls. 

"There was a young woman playing an online game who changed her avatar, her online alterimage, into this 6'6” tough guy who carried a gun or a knife, and terrified people. Her alter ego was able to express itself through that video world. I think those fantasies certainly live within all of us.” 

After watching his physical, emotionally rich performance in Zach Snyder's 300, Neveldine and Taylor knew Gerard Butler was the only actor to play Kable. "There are so few true action stars left on this planet, and Gerard is the best,” says Taylor. 

"He has incredible physical presence and is willing to do the homework to make the action look real and visceral, as we saw with 300. But at the same time, there is a soul and humanity to his performances that draws you in and involves you emotionally.” 

Apart from the originality of the story, Butler was also attracted to the cutting-edge approach of the filmmakers' style.

 "I like to take risks,” he says, "and I want to think that any project I do is going to affect people either because it's a new way of filmmaking, or because of the emotion behind it, or how unusual the story is. GAMER satisfied all of those requirements.” 

For the part of Angie Tillman, Kable's wife who is ensnared in the fetishistic ‘Society' game, mo


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