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They Shoot, They Score...
As with the puppets, the filmmakers wanted to give the film a very personal and handmade feeling whenever possible, so it was decided early on that Charlyne and Michael Cera would write the film's score. 

Never having written film music before, they looked to people they admired musically for help: Alden Penner, who is best known for being in the band The Unicorns, and Zach Condon of the band Beirut. 

"Before we started shooting,” says Charlyne, "me and Michael were writing music separately and sending it to Nick, like, ‘Hey, check out this song.' Nick asked ‘Why aren't you guys writing music for the movie? Since we're going for that hand-made feel, why not make it even more personal by making the music?' 

They showed Alden and Zach Paper Heart, and both were very excited to contribute to the film. Alden joined as music producer to help further develop Charlyne and Michael's music. 

And Zach would contribute a song for the Paris section of the film. "Alden helped us with our demos to make them better and guide us,” says Charlyne, "because we'd never made music for a living before.” 

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