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Off Into The Sunset
What started as a documentary in Charlyne's head became a new kind of film that's among the most important any involved had ever worked on. And the cast and crew are universally thrilled with the final result. 

"The entire crew really deserves credit for this movie,” says DP Hunter. "It was put together through our blood, sweat, and tears. It was one of the more difficult shoots we've all been on, but it was a labor of love. If we didn't all love each other and didn't all believe in the project, I think we would have quit the first week because it was so miserable sometimes. We would find ourselves exhausted and just want to collapse and cry ourselves to sleep, but we were also saying it was the best time of our lives.” 

"We were asking people to take a chance on this idea,” says Nick. "It was amazing that it all came together.” 

Producer Elise feels their "little engine that could” attitude and small crew size ultimately became the most important asset they had. "Because we were so small,” she says, "we were able to communicate with little interference. And of course, there is truth to the adage that necessity is the mother of invention. 

Being so small and so familiar with one another meant that there was an enormous amount of trust on everyone's part. That coupled with creative freedom gave birth to some really innovative filmmaking.

 "We may not have had the budget that some other films have,” Elise continues, "but we had an amazing creative team who weren't afraid to think outside the box and never told themselves no. The possibilities on this film really were endless even though our resources were limited, simply because we believed in the project and we allowed ourselves to reach beyond any previously drawn borders. That was one of the most thrilling and rewarding things.” Says Charlyne, "Going in, I already knew these stories wouldn't necessarily change my opinion of love. But it was nice to see all the kinds of love there were.” 

For his part, Jake says, "We shot 300 hours of footage, so the movie could have been many different things. I'm really proud of it. I think there's a real optimism about it.” And after everything they experienced, he adds: "And I personally do believe in love.”


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