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Like the lead character in POST GRAD, screenwriter Kelly Fremon came out of college with big plans for her future. After graduating from the University of California, Irvine, she temporarily moved back home to begin the search for the perfect job. "Eight months later, I still didn't have a job,” says Fremon. "By then, I was trying to get any job and no one would hire me. I was totally unemployable. It was a very weird awakening to realize ‘This is the real world and it's not at all what I thought.'”

"We never dreamed how relevant the film would be while filming given today's economic climate,” continues Fremon. "Thousands of recent graduates are and will continue to face the same predicament as Ryden.”

Fremon knew she eventually wanted to be a screenwriter. "But I felt dumb for even hoping, like I was buying a lottery ticket,” she says. "Finally, I was working as a receptionist and writing at night. I started a script about a girl who was stuck at home, who couldn't get a job, and didn't understand what was going on. As soon as I finished it, I gave it to everybody I'd ever met.”

Ali Bell of the Montecito Picture Company read the script and was touched by the truth in POST GRAD. Bell contacted Fremon and told the writer she too had experienced the same difficulties after college. "Kelly's story was exactly what happened to me and a lot of my friends,” says Bell. "We all thought we had our futures figured out and knew exactly where we were going. We were full of confidence, and we went out there and hit a brick wall. It's devastating.”

Bell championed the script to her colleagues at the Montecito Picture Company and Ivan Reitman, one of the founders, read the script and made an offer a week later. "Kelly Fremon had the wonderful idea of writing about what happens in those first few months after you graduate from college,” says Reitman. "It's about that first job, having to move back with your parents after you've been independent, and first loves. It was done in a very quirky, charming way and we absolutely fell in love with it.”

The Montecito Picture Company, which includes Reitman, Tom Pollock and Joe Medjuck, as well as Bell and Jeffrey Clifford, made the successful comedies I LOVE YOU, MAN and OLD SCHOOL. "This script was quite original,” says Medjuck. "We felt it was something we'd never seen before. We read a lot of scripts and it seems if you get one script about a two-headed man, you'll get six scripts about a two-headed man. I'd never read a script that was about this particular topic.”

But it was Fremon's unique voice that most impressed the producers. "She has a real sense of character, first and foremost,” says Clifford. "She was able to channel her own experiences into the script in a way that felt heightened and kind of crazy, but at the same time, very grounded and real.”

After the initial thrill of selling her first script, Fremon realized that she still had a lot of work ahead of her. POST GRAD went through an intensive development process. "I had never written a screenplay before,” she admits. "I just put pieces of my life on the page. Ivan showed me how to organize and structure it as a movie. We kept all the same characters and it had the same general framework, but he helped me fine-tune it.”

"Ivan has a strong sense of story and sees a script three-dimensionally as both a director and a producer,” adds Clifford. "We went through several rewrites of the script and finally came to a place where we loved what we had.”

Reitman zeroed in on the script's big-picture elements, Fremon remembers. "When I went into that first meeting, he said, ‘I love the script, but I'm not going to tell you what I love about it today. I'm going to tell you everything I hate about it. And that's how we started.”

As the director of classic comedies including GHO

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