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Directors Statement
When I make a movie my only goal is to get to see it projected in front of an audience. Preferably an enthusiastic audience but I'll take what i can get. That's why I'm thrilled that World's Greatest Dad got into Sundance. My last movie Sleeping Dogs Lie (aka Stay) was in the dramatic competition in 2006. That experience is my fondest show-biz memory. 

The crowds at Sundance were so receptive and supportive it was kind of ridiculous. I hope I can continue to make movies with my friends and I hope I can keep making them outside of the system, and on my own terms. 

If I'm lucky enough to get to do that hope I can keep on watching them with enthusiastic (if not slightly frozen) Park City crowds. After twenty five years in the business I finally figured out what I love doing and I feel like I'm getting away with murder. 


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