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Documentary Feature
Talking Woodstock 
Back in 1969, the following words held meanings beyond their dictionary ones…; 
Axe: Any musical instrument, or any tool you use to do your art 
Ball: (as a noun) A good time; (as a verb) Sexual intercourse 
Bread: Money ("I'm broke – man, can you lay some bread on me?”) 
Freak: Insiders' synonym for hippie (possibly coined by Frank Zappa) 
Fuzz: The police 
Gas: Sublime ("They've never sounded better – that was a gas!”) 
Head: Insiders' term for a member of the counterculture (possibly coined by Ken Kesey) 
Lid: An ounce of marijuana 
Mike: Microgram 
Pig: Hippies' term for the police 
Rap: To speak/communicate in the language of hip 
Ripped: Under the influence of an illegal substance 
Roach: A small butt of marijuana


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