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Casting The Film
"SURROGATES'” roster of characters includes idealized robots as well as real-life humans. Most cast members were asked to play both.

To bring "SURROGATES'” conflicted FBI agent to life, the filmmakers turned to global superstar Bruce Willis. "He's really one of the great film actors of his generation,” says Mostow. "It's a very specific skill to be able to pull off movies that have a very high-concept idea behind them. Here, it's an alternative reality, and yet he makes it credible. That's really his gift.”

"The thing about Bruce is he plays a great cop, but he also plays a great Everyman,” says producer Hoberman. "Both from a philosophical and theoretical perspective, that's what this character is. As he goes through this journey, he discovers what humanity versus surrogacy is, which leads his character to a great crisis. The movie also has action and all the things you'd want to see in a Bruce Willis movie.”

"In the movie, the humanity comes through in Bruce's character,” Mostow says. "Like everyone else, he goes about his daily grind using this technology. He's an FBI agent who stays at home, in the safety of his apartment, and allows his robotic surrogate to go out and perform all the dangerous tasks that are involved with his work. At a certain point, he loses his surrogate and is forced to go out as himself and experience life as a human being again in a world that is completely technological and robotic.

"At the same time, he discovers feelings that have been building up inside of him about his own disconnection from his wife, who's addicted to using her surrogate,” the director continues. "He's a man who's in an existential crisis. As he begins to live as a human being, he realizes how warped the world is. He begins to see the world totally differently.”

"I see Greer as someone who has lived in and embraced the surrogate world for some time,” adds producer David Hoberman. "Once his surrogate is destroyed and he can't get another one, he's a man, a human, out there in the world. Eventually he has to make a choice.”

Filmmakers called on Australian actress Radha Mitchell for Greer's FBI partner Jennifer Peters. "Peters is an interesting character because she is actually three different people in the movie,” says producer Lieberman. "She's the Peters surrogate who is a slightly newer, naïve cop, partnered up with Greer. There's the real Peters character, a frumpier version of the surrogate, a painter, more of an artistic person. And, there's a third Peters that's part of the mystery. It's a challenge for Radha because of the subtle changes that happen among these three versions.”

"Radha's casting was an interesting process,” Hoberman says. "She has a great pedigree. We've seen her in ‘Finding Neverland,' ‘Man on Fire' and ‘Feast of Love,' which Robert Benton directed. She's a really good actor and she's beautiful. She fit the bill perfectly.” "Through the character of Jennifer Peters, the whole concept of identity is constantly in question,” says Mitchell. "It's such an interesting character, or characters, to play. Who is Jennifer Peters? She is a character who sits at home in her stim chair, one we never really get to meet as a human. She has brown hair, bad skin, a big bum, funny teeth and stringy hair. She never wants to leave this enclosed reality that she lives in, so she experiences life through this robot, who is an FBI agent. We see her surrogate, who is also Jennifer Peters.

"It's a little confusing, fascinating and it can be tricky to play a robot with the same voice and the same movement as your human character, even though the intent and motivation of that robot changes the characterization,” Mitchell continues.

"Your surrogate can look like whatever you desire,” direct

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