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About The Characters
FLINT LOCKWOOD: Since childhood, Flint Lockwood has dreamed of inventing something that would make a difference in people's lives. Unfortunately, all of his absurd inventions (including spray-on shoes, hair unbalder, and monkey thought translator) have ended in trouble for him, his parents, and his hometown of Swallow Falls. But this ceaseless optimist has never given up on his lifelong goal and now, his latest invention – a machine that turns water into food – changes the lives of everyone in his small town for the better. Naturally, Flint is ecstatic, but there's still a nagging suspicion that something, as always, will go wrong… Bill Hader plays Flint.

Bill Hader, a regular on "Saturday Night Live” who recently had a memorable turn as General Custer in Night at the Museum II: Battle of the Smithsonian, plays Flint. "Bill's got a deep, rich, action-hero voice, but he's also able to get across that Flint is a geeky guy who doesn't know how to talk to girls. Only Bill could show both sides of Flint, the hero and the vulnerability,” says Lord.

Miller adds, "Bill is known for his amazing vocal range – but what was so special about his performance was that he was able to be really funny and at the same time really sincere.”

Hader understood what made the character tick. "Like everybody, Flint just wants to be liked,” says the actor. "He's a bit socially awkward, so he thinks he needs to do something big – invent something that will make everybody happy. He thinks that he has to prove himself, but what he doesn't realize is that people like him just for who he is.”

SAM SPARKS: Sam is a cute, young, enthusiastic intern at the Weather News Network who dreams of becoming a professional TV weather reporter. She gets her big break when she witnesses – and exclusively reports on – one of the greatest weather stories of all time: a cheeseburger rain! As Flint's food machine creates more and more delicious food weather, Sam's career skyrockets to worldwide fame. Everything is perfect until Sam discovers large, unexpected food storms in the forecast. Only Sam can help Flint stop the out-of-control machine, but to do so, she risks revealing a side of herself that she's kept hidden from the world – and that might mean giving up on her dream. Anna Faris voices the role.

"Anna is lovely, winning, and charming,” says Lord. "Not only does she make the character appealing, cute, and fun, but Anna can deliver a joke really well. She's got an amazing voice.”

"When she was a kid, Sam was passionate about science and very smart, and she got teased for it,” says Miller. "So she covered it up. She's very beautiful, so it was easy for her to do – to push it down and pretend to be ditzy, so the mocking would stop.”

The problem is, Sam can't hide her excitement about weather, which comes out in energized bursts. Through Flint, Sam learns to embrace her true self.

"She's afraid to be who she really is,” says Faris. "But she's passionate about weather and science, and when she meets Flint, her job becomes her dream job. She's suddenly in heaven, and that brings her out of her shell.”

The chemistry between Hader and Faris was evident. "They did some recording sessions together – it was a lot of fun to watch them,” says producer Pam Marsden. 

TIM LOCKWOOD: Tim is Flint's old-fashioned, technophobic, reserved dad. He loves his son and tries to be a supportive father, but only knows how to communicate using fishing metaphors, which make no sense to Flint. When Flint's amazing food machine turns him into the town hero, Tim is worried that things will end in disaster, like Flint's previous inventions. Only when Flint loses faith in himself does Tim rise to the occasion and find a way to show his son how much he loves and appreciates him. James Caan takes on the role.

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