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Launching The Mission
Two years after working on the hugely successful Resident Evil franchise, the producing trio of Impact Pictures' Paul W.S. Anderson and Jeremy Bolt and Constantin Film's Robert Kulzer were ready to tackle their latest cinematic effort: the terrifying thriller Pandorum. 

"I first read Pandorum right after finishing work on AVP,” says producer Anderson. "The script blew me away. I felt it visited places and touched on subjects I'd always been interested in, primarily the idea of horror on the edge of the universe - where terror is amplified by the claustrophobia of the ship and the isolation of deep space – the same reasons I made Event Horizon almost a decade earlier.” "I immediately passed the script on to Jeremy and Robert with the suggestion we should option it and mount the movie,” Anderson continues. "Just speaking as a fanboy, this was a film I was desperate to see.”

"I was always searching for a story that would make me say, ‘This could be IT,'” says producer Kulzer. "With Pandorum, I got really excited. To have an original movie is a fantastic thing.” Kulzer and his partners knew Pandorum was special.

The original screenplay for Pandorum was written by Travis Milloy. At around the same time he finished writing it, young German director Christian Alvart came to Hollywood after releasing his critically acclaimed cinematic debut, Antibodies.

Alvart began directing at the age of 16, shooting on super-8 with friends while first working for (and later owning) the special interest film magazine X-TRO. With his company, Syrreal Entertainment, he wrote, produced and directed Curiosity & the Cat in 1998, which was followed by the lauded psychological serial killer thriller Antibodies in 2005.

Upon arrival in Hollywood, Alvart himself was working on his own story called No Where, about four astronauts on a long distance space journey who awaken from hyper-sleep without any recollection of their mission's purpose. "I didn't think I'd be able to make that film within the next 15 years or so,” says Alvart, "as it was a project on a huge scale and hard to finance.”

After watching Antibodies – a dark and mysterious thriller full of twists and turns – and meeting Christian, producer Bolt thought of Alvart after reading the Pandorum script and sent it to him. "When I started reading,” says Alvart of Milloy's script, "I was shocked because it shared many elements with my pet project. How could I make my movie if these guys already were making one just like it? "I pitched them my version of the story,” Alvart continues, "No Where merged with Pandorum. I expected to be laughed out of the room.” Instead, the producers got Milloy and Alvart together, and through a rigorous development process, Pandorum emerged. The filmmakers set out to transport the audience into the dark, mysterious depths of space with a scary, thrill-packed film full of smart and bizarre twists.

Although Alvart is a young director, the producers trusted his skills completely. "Christian has all the tools and knows the tricks of this genre – he's a fan boy and a film scholar,” says producer Kulzer. "He also has a very dark and twisted imagination and he has great ideas.”

Anderson says, "Ever since seeing Christian's first film I've thought him a very talented director. I like his dark, twisted sensibility – definitely something we share in common. He's brought a completely unique vision to Pandorum.”

Bolt adds, "Christian promised us something wonderfully twisted and fresh and surprising and he delivered. He has a great work ethic and singularity of vision that sets him apart.”

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