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About The Stunts
From rapidly climbing up the sides of buildings to being thrown out of open graves and battling across a decrepit theater, there were a number of wild stunts for the performers of the fantasy-adventure. The vampires and vampaneze of this story are extremely fast, can fight with their enemies by using sharpened nails and throw any opponent with terrific speed.

One of the pivotal scenes in the film is the cemetery fight between Crepsley and Murlaugh over the possession of "the chosen one,” Darren Shan. Filmed in Baton Rouge during a long night shoot, part of the fight was actually done in a graveyard. The other portion was shot on stage. When Crepsley and Murlaugh come into the grave, Darren is trying to get out of the way as fast as he can. At the pivotal moment when Crepsley rescues Darren by throwing him 15 feet into the air (and out of harm's way), Massoglia was lifted by a harness and "tossed” into another part of the cemetery.

This is the first time the audience sees what "flitting” is actually like and the vampires move into super speed. John C. Reilly explains: "Flitting is how vampires travel when they need to get somewhere fast. It's essentially like The Flash. You take a deep breath and start moving, and you quickly turn into a blur. The perspective you have while you're doing it is that the world seems to slow down…even though you're going fast.”

Early into production when the performers were getting to know one another, Massoglia and Reilly were tethered as Darren and Crepsley climbed the wall into Steve's hospital room to save him from Octa's venom. Though they were on separate harnesses, they were pulled by the stunt team at the same time…inseparable for hours.

To simulate Octa's attack on Steve in the high school hallway, the filmmakers used a single laser light to stand-in as Octa…before she jumps on him after he tries to catch her. "When the spider is actually underneath my shirt,” Hutcherson says, "this machine with a bunch of little servers and motors was used. They stuck it on my shirt with strings that ran down my back and legs. The puppeteer stood behind me and worked it so it looked like Octa's legs were crawling around. The hardest thing for our cast wasn't necessarily reacting to it, but getting everyone's reactions at the same time.”

The climactic fight between Darren and Steve happens in the same theater where the teens first see the Cirque Du Freak perform. As the two former best friends attack one another, they were held on harnesses and spun toward one another. Again and again, they were pushed together in a wrestling match to the death and pulled apart. Of the experience, Massoglia laughs, "There was a lot of being thrown up in the air and being dropped. I was basically a tool for most of the movie. I was the guy getting beat up and thrown in the air and thrown off buildings. But it was a lot of fun.”


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