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Amelia: Timeline
July 24, 1897 – Amelia Mary Earhart is born in Atchison, Kansas. Her father is a lawyer and inventor, but also an alcoholic. Her mother is the first woman to summit Pike's Peak in Colorado.

January 3, 1921 – Just a few months after American women win the right to vote, Amelia starts taking flying lessons from woman pilot Neta Snook.

December 15, 1921 – Amelia receives her flying license.

October 22, 1922 – Amelia breaks the women's altitude record, rising to 14,000 feet.

June 17-18, 1928 – Amelia becomes the first woman to fly across the Atlantic (as a passenger) in a Fokker F7 piloted by Wilmer Stultz. Upon her return to New York, she is honored with a parade, handed the key to the city and invited to meet the President of the United States.

October, 1928 – Amelia begins a series of lecture tours organized by George Putnam to promote her first book: 20 Hrs. 40 Min, which establishes her full-fledged celebrity.

August 1929 – Amelia places third in the First Women's Air Derby, aka the Powder Puff Derby, in her brand new Lockheed Vega. As America falls into the tough times of the Great Depression, Amelia becomes a symbol of can-do optimism and American spirit.

November, 1929 – Amelia helps to organize The Ninety-Nines, the first women pilots' organization.

July 5, 1930 – Amelia sets the women's world speed record of 181.18mph over a 3K course.

February 7, 1931 – George Putnam and Amelia Earhart are married in Connecticut.

April 8, 1931 – Amelia sets the woman's autogiro altitude record of 18,415 feet.

May 20-21, 1932 – Amelia becomes the first woman and second person to fly solo across the Atlantic. She receives the National Geographic Society's gold medal from President Hoover and the Distinguished Flying Cross from Congress. She writes her second book, The Fun of It, about her journey.

August 24-25, 1932 – Amelia sets the women's record for fastest non-stop transcontinental flight.

April, 1933 – Amelia is invited to dinner at the White House with Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. – and famously takes the First Lady on her first-ever night flight, sparking a lasting friendship.

January, 1934 – Amelia turns to the Pacific Ocean and becomes the first pilot to fly solo from Hawaii to California. Soon after, she debuts her own brand-name fashion line at Macy's.

January 11, 1935 – Amelia pioneers the first solo flight across the Pacific Ocean, between Honolulu and Oakland, and uses the first civilian plane equipped with a two-way radio.

April l9 - 20, 1935 – Amelia is the 1st person to fly solo from Los Angeles to Mexico City.

June 1, 1937 – Amelia and Fred Noonan take off from Miami, Florida on an around-the-world flight. After 22,000 miles of flying, Earhart and Noonan are last seen in Lae, New Guinea. On July 2nd, en route to tiny Howland Island for refueling, the U.S. Coast Guard cutter "Itasca” loses contact with Earhart and she is not heard from again. President Roosevelt orders a massive search, which is called off on July 18, 1937. Two years later she is declared legally dead.


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