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About The Characters
CHUCK BAKER is not your average astronaut. On the outside he walks the walk. His appearance, smile and charm have made him seem like he's got the right stuff – he's become a hero to millions and named the 37th sexiest guy on planet Earth. But unfortunately, Chuck's beauty is only skin deep. He will have to prove that he's true-blue after all.


AGE: Mid-30s 
OCCUPATION: Astronaut 
MISSION: To boldly go where no man has gone before 
LIKES: The ladies, making headlines 
DISLIKES: Space food

"Chuck Baker is one of those guys with a wonderfully warm personality – a guy you always want around – but he thinks he's the greatest thing since wholesale carpet,” says Dwayne Johnson, who voices the role. "He's able to project that he has a ton of confidence, that he's an incredibly successful astronaut, but it's Lem, Justin Long's character, who's able to teach Chuck what the right stuff really is – great fortitude, great heart, and great strength.”

LEM is a model kid. He never misses a class, is never late, and has certainly never been called to the principal's office. Kind of cute for someone with green skin but also a bit geeky, he always does the right thing. However, little by little, and with the help of Chuck, Lem learns that there is more to life than following the rules, especially if you're going to have to save your own planet!


Age: 16 
Occupation: High school junior by day, Junior Assistant Planetarium Curator by night 
Mission: To date his childhood sweetheart, Neera 
Likes: Gazing at the stars 
Dislikes: Anything out of the ordinary

"Lem is a very bright, but very impressionable, young alien,” says Justin Long, who gives voice to the role. "He has an undeniable passion for the unknown – he's very inquisitive and very open to learning as much as he can about the universe.”

"I don't know what the alien word for ‘nerdy' is,” Long continues, "but Lem is a nerdy teenager. He's got a thing for Neera, but she's in the cool crowd – she's pretty – she's got her green face goin' on. He's a little socially awkward and has a hard time talking to her, which I think any of us can relate to.”

NEERA is pretty with a strong personality. She doesn't like to be told what to do, especially when it comes to who she should hang around with. She is a bit lost between her desire to be a rebel and her feelings for Lem, but will learn that virtue and bravery, as always, are tucked away in the heart, just waiting to be discovered.


Age: 16 
Occupation: High School Junior/ Wannabe hippie 
Mission: To make her planet a better world 
Likes: To be surprised 
Dislikes: Following the rules

"Neera is really taken by the idea of being part of something bigger than herself,” says Jessica Biel, who plays Neera. "So when she's approached by Glar – this kind of hippie progressive who's fighting for ‘human rights' – she's moved when he says, ‘This cause needs you. We need your support. We need you to be a part of it.' What she comes to realize is that Lem is the one who is really fighting for what he thinks is important, and that impresses her.”

SKIFF, Lem's best friend, is quirky and paranoid, always thinking that the government is telling lies and hiding the truth that humans really do exist. He is desperate for someone that understands and loves him, and when he finally meets Rover, he finds a true friend.


Age: 16 
Occupation: High School Junior/Conspiracy Theorist Extraordinaire 
Mission: To find ‘Base 9' where he is sure the government is hiding humans 
Likes: Bowling and his new best friend, Rover 
Dislikes: Humans!

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