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Visiting Glipforg: Your Travel Guide
Even as they designed an alien world, the filmmakers never forgot the ultimate mission: the viewer would have to immediately identify a building and what kind of building it was. 

Where to Hang


Learn all about the known universe and the "hundreds” of stars at the Glipforg Observatory. When Lem lands his dream job here (that's MISTER Junior Assistant Curator!), it's clear that his life is on track – next step, is get up the courage to ask out Neera. But when a real astronomical event occurs and Chuck lands next door, all of Lem's planning goes out the window.

Comic Book Store

Need a little light reading, or just want to catch up on the Humaniacs comic saga before taking in the latest movie? Head over to the comic book store. Ask for Skiff, the young clerk – he'll tell you everything you need to know.

With a 3-D Humaniac reaching ominously over entering customers and its highly detailed interior, Haglog's Comics might very well be the single most unique and design-rich location in Glipforg. The entire place embodies the very essence of Planet 51. "Everything you can imagine about Planet 51 is in that shop. It's a world inside a world. We put such an effort in to it that it feels that the entirety of the Planet 51's tone is essentially condensed into that one location, via the posters and the books, the small toys, tables, lamps – everything,” says Visual Production Designer Julian Romero.


There's nothing better than catching a flick – and there's no hotter movie on Planet 51 than Humaniacs II. 

Glipforg's cinema's retro-futuristic styling and Art Deco motifs accompany an oval-shaped screen. The exterior, shaped like a saucer and teeming with spires and antennae, possesses a massive central dome over the main auditorium and a Space Age radio mast perched atop the main entrance. Humaniacs II, the film within the film, introduces the audience to Planet 51's inhabitants' deepest rooted fear: to be invaded by Earthlings. 

Bowling Alley

If you feel more interested in some action, you can always check out the Bowling Alley. If there is a building that comes closest to resembling a UFO mothership, this will be it. The interiors are splendidly garish, from the checkered floors to the bowling balls shaped like ringed planets.

The Picket Fenced Nirvana

On the outskirts of Glipforg is the residential, suburban zone, which most clearly resembles the white-picket-fence America in the 50s. Much like the rest of the town, the residential area is defined by streets of concentric circles filled with saucer-shaped buildings. 


At Main Street, you can catch glimpses of Glipforg's largest municipal buildings, one of which would be the White House-inspired Town Hall, complete with white stone and pillars, but of course, having a roof composed of three flying saucers, one larger flanked by two smaller ones.

Glipforg's High School is no less magnificent, also reminiscent of a huge mothership due to its sheer size. Right outside the High School and in front of the entrance stands a statue of Glipforg's founder, Pacifier Glipp.

Need to fill ‘er up? Check out the Gas Station, which features Glipforg's most original application of the saucer motif: the saucer constitutes the overhead cover of the station's forecourt, an area lit by fluorescent lighting located on the underside of the saucer section. 

And if you need a quick bite, try the Hot Dog restaurant – the only building in Glipforg not to feature a saucer theme. Instead, a giant, U-shaped hot dog greets the hungry patrons. 

Getting Around

Stuck in traffic on the 405 and wishing for a flying car to zoom over the entire mess? Planet 51 has the answer.

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