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The Film's Costumes
While working with Hutman on the design of the sets, Meyers was also conferring with costume designer Sonia Grande on her performers' outfits. She had seen Woody Allen's Vicky Cristina Barcelona, which Grande had designed, and thought the clothes were fantastic. She asked Grande to fly in from Barcelona, and because Grande spoke very little English at the time, she brought along an interpreter. Despite the language gap, Meyers felt she was absolutely the right one for the job. Grande was never without her interpreter during the entire stretch of preproduction and filming, though her English improved markedly during her seven-month stay in the U.S.

"Sonia's very inventive,” says Meyers. "She has a great sense of color. She gives sex appeal to people when they need it; she knows what to hide and what to show and she keeps her work grounded in reality. I have two daughters who are the same age as the girls in the movie, and Sonia absolutely captured the impromptu look of young women that age.”

As filmmakers speak an international language, the pair became fast collaborators. "I was very impressed when I read Nancy's script,” says Grande. "The characters were well defined, and I was able to instantly visualize their clothing aesthetics. With today's globalization, so much is influenced by American culture and fashion. I didn't find it difficult to adapt to an American point of view for this comedy…even though it's my first film for U.S. audiences.”

As did Hutman, Grande worked very closely with Meyers in designing the specific looks for each main character. "The idea was to make Jane look like the very contemporary, energetic woman that she is,” Grande explains. "She's not old-fashioned or an ordinary housewife, and Nancy had a very clear definition of creating Jane as a cultured woman who's sensitive to the world around her.”

"Naturally, Meryl contributed with this, too,” continues the designer. "It was fantastic to work with her on the costumes, because she told me she originally contemplated becoming a costume designer before she became an actress. She understands why you're looking for a specific outfit, color or design, and she enjoys working with you on that. She made some very good suggestions.”

For the male leads, Grande worked in two distinct styles. For attorney Jake, she dressed Alec Baldwin in dark blue blazers that reflect his character's conservative background. "Jake is one of those guys who does not like to be without a woman,” says Grande. "He demands a lot of attention. He'll probably never mature.” As for Steve Martin's architect, she notes: "Adam has a strong personal style. Most of the architects I have known have been very aware of color and structure in their style of dressing. They put a great deal of thought into it. They don't want to dress like anybody else. It's a more sensitive style than Jake's. Nothing in his look stands out, but it's all constructed in good taste.”

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