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About The Production

ENTRAPMENT was filmed at England's famed Pinewood Studios, as well as in London, Scotland and Malaysia.

Scotland's Isle of Mull provided the locale for the exteriors of Mac's safe house. Castle Duart, ancestral home of the Clan Maclean, doubled for the safe house. The stronghold was once one of a string of seven castles built by the clan chiefs as custodians of the West Coast of Scotland, each able to communicate news of impending Viking or English invasions by way of a series of beacons lit to pass on a warning of danger.

The present lord of the castle, Sir Lachian MacLean, 28th Chief of the Clan, welcomed the cast and crew. For Sean Connery, whose mother was born a MacLean, the welcome was especially warm.

The production traveled to Malaysia to shoot ENTRAPMENT's final sequences. Principal locations there included the ancient port of Melaka, and the Petronas Twin Towers in the capital city, Kuala Lumpur. The towers are the two highest buildings in the world, reaching 84 stories, and visible for miles. Made of stainless steel clad in glass, the towers are spanned at the forty-first floor by a sky bridge. Inside, the floor plans are based on a motif of interlinking squares and circles representing an ancient Muslim symbol of harmony and strength, and decorated with Malaysian wood and stone.

According to Amiel, ENTRAPMENT is perhaps the first film to utilize Malaysia's modern aspects. "The towers provided an impressive backdrop for our climactic scene," he says. "After audiences watch Mac and Gin flee their pursuers by swinging underneath the sky bridge, 750 feet above Kuala Lumpur, I expect the towers could very well become a new cinematic landmark."

These and other scenes, Amiel hopes, will provide audiences with a full spectrum of motion picture fun and excitement. In fact, he compares it to a trip to an amusement park or fairground. "We wanted ENTRAPMENT to be a rollercoaster, house of mirrors, and a tunnel of love all in one," he concludes.


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