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Munk & Chipette Biographies

Alvin continues to relish – too much – his role as band frontman, and his antics at a charity concert land Dave Seville in the hospital. Much to Alvin and his brothers' chagrin, Dave orders them to temporarily leave pop superstardom behind and enroll in school. The diminutive ‘Munk becomes the Big Man on Campus when he befriends the school's jocks and joins the football team. But Alvin's popularity at school doesn't sit well with Simon and Theodore, especially when Alvin lets them down at the big Sing-off against The Chipettes.


The brainiest of the terrific trio, Simon's transition to school life is nonetheless a bumpy one. When he's assigned the fictitious honor of being named Litter Monitor, Simon embraces the challenge but soon runs afoul of the school jocks, who embarrass him in front of Alvin. Can the rift between brothers be healed before it's too late?


Known to his fans as "The Sweet One,” Theodore is also helpful, lovable, sensitive, gullible, trusting and naïve. (In short, he's everything Alvin's not.). Theodore misses Dave a lot, and his desperate efforts to bond with Toby, who's looking after the boys in Dave's absence, are comical at best. When Theodore runs away from home, he unexpectedly triggers the best in his brothers and in Toby.


Brainy, bespectacled and absent-minded, Jeanette, loves to sing whether or not it leads to stardom. She's the perfect love connection for Simon – if The Chipettes can escape the conniving clutches of new manager Ian Hawke, and get over their musical rivalry with Alvin and The Chipmunks.


Rotund and lovable, Eleanor embraces "living large,” even as band manager Ian Hawke insists the height-challenged Chipette somehow act taller. She's eager for The Chipettes to achieve stardom, but unexpected complications may stop The Chipettes ascendancy to the music pantheon.


As lead singer and ambitious leader of The Chipettes, Brittany is always frontand- center in any of the band's activities. Her vocal prowess impresses new manager Ian Hawke, who sees Brittany as his ticket to a return to corporate glory. Brittany's initial encounters with Alvin are rough – but all kinds of sparks are soon ignited.

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