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Costumes Of The Film
When creating the looks for the cast, the team began with the script's perfectionist: Anna. Explains Weiner why it was so important Anna dress the part: "What she does for a profession is what she's doing in her life. She's staging everything so that each detail looks perfect as well. Declan asks her, ‘What's important?' And that's one of the things she learns on her journey: that all that stuff didn't matter.”

Eimer Ní Mhaoldomhnaigh, one of Ireland's leading costume designers for stage and screen, had the responsibility for wardrobing. The film is set in the present, so the skills of the wardrobe department are not as immediately obvious as in a period drama. However, just as much thought went into creating a coherent look. "People think that contemporary must be easy, and period difficult, but contemporary is only easier in that the clothes are more available,” says Mhaoldomhnaigh. "If someone doesn't like something, you can run out and get something else. But, when it's contemporary, there are many opinions to take into consideration.”

For Mhaoldomhnaigh, color was an obvious starting point in a film where so much action was filmed against dramatic landscapes. She reflects: "Color, texture and pattern are important. There's so much green, you have to be aware of what'll work against the physical settings.”

In the first instance, such consideration was applied to the wardrobe of Anna. "She's this very sophisticated lady coming from the east coast of America,” notes the designer. "She wears lovely soft colors, but we've also put in hints of red and blues and bits of pattern. Her clothes are very tailored and high waisted and chic. When she arrives, she looks like something from another world.”

In creating Anna's look, Mhaoldomhnaigh considered the shops an apartment stager might frequent and combined that with a 1950s feel. Additionally, she referenced period film magazines and stills.

"All of Amy's clothes are designer,” notes Mhaoldomhnaigh. "We shopped in Ireland, London and L.A. We've a lot of classical tailoring from designers like Paul Smith, Max Mara, Le Petit Salut and Carolina Herrera, as well as Christian Louboutin shoes and Hugo Boss. Amy even brought in her own shoes to go with outfits. She looks like a mixture of Maureen O'Hara and Rita Hayworth…very elegant.”

Declan was quite another matter. "Poor Matthew,” laughs Mhaoldomhnaigh. "He has one costume for most of the movie: brown cords and gray jumper, red check shirt. He's just in the same thing, and it just gets dirtier.” While cardiologist Jeremy is dressed in conservative suits, Anna's father offered more fun for the costume designer. "He's a wild guy, so I felt there should be an element of Columbo,” she laughs. "So, he has an old jacket and a few Hawaiian shirts. He looks like he's picked up most of his few clothes in charity shops…with a few things he picked up on his adventures.”


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