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Finding An Inspired Director
It was 2006 and the coming of age film Starter For Ten, by a young director named Tom Vaughan, was creating a lot of buzz. Shamberg, Sher and Santos Shamberg went to a screening in Los Angeles. "Tom demonstrated a perfect sense of tone, subtlety and emotion, as opposed to sentimentality. And a wonderful sense of humor,” recalls Sher.

A meeting with Vaughan was set at Double Feature Films. With Robert Nelson Jacobs' script recently receiving the stamp of approval, the producers gave Vaughan a draft of Extraordinary Measures to read.

"When I read the script I immediately had great confidence in the power of the story,” says Vaughan. He was struck by the messages of faith and hope, exemplified through the Crowley family's own unfaltering fortitude when it appeared all the choices had run out. "The story really gripped me from beginning to end. And it kept surprising me. It had twists and turns that I didn't see coming, and that's refreshing.”

Ford's attachment as Dr. Stonehill was also a draw for Vaughan. "It seemed such a perfect fit for him. It felt like something I hadn't seen him do before. I knew he'd be great in the role.”

Santos Shamberg notes that a certain familial connection to the scientific field may have also drawn Vaughan to the material – "His dad is a scientist so, from a very early age, Tom has had a real understanding of what it means to spend one's life researching.”

Vaughan's approach to the material was directly in line with the rest of the team's vision. "The trick with a movie like this is to make it as entertaining as possible, but not to make it so emotionally unbelievable that you throw the feelings in people's faces,” says Shamberg. "We knew Tom could achieve that. He's just really good at that type of filmmaking.”

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