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The Crowleys On Set
The Crowley family flew to Portland during production for a set visit. "It was very important to all of us making this film that the Crowleys be a part of this experience,” says Sher.

Vaughan recalls that he had early apprehension in meeting the film's subjects: "I was slightly wary because we're telling an ‘inspired by' story; our film is not a documentary. But the Crowleys were very good about understanding all of that. They are a remarkable family, and remarkable people to spend time with.”

Their presence on set also allowed Vaughan to witness the family's dynamic first hand and infuse the film with that energy. "There's lots of banter within the family and I think there's a danger if I hadn't met them, and got to know them on some level, that I might have been too precious and delicate in my approach to the material. So knowing them made my approach to the film very robust. The film has passion and lots of drama, and that comes directly from the Crowley family.”

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