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Buena Vista Records will release two unique albums in conjunction with "ALICE IN WONDERLAND.” The motion picture soundtrack, featuring four-time Academy Award® nominee Danny Elfman's score, and "Almost Alice,” a 16-song compilation of music inspired by the film.

Composer Danny Elfman has established himself as one of Hollywood's leading film composers with nearly 50 film scores for films including "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” "Milk,” "Chicago,” "Batman,” "Spiderman,” "Men in Black,” "Edward Scissorhands” and "Pee Wee's Big Adventure.” The "Alice in Wonderland” soundtrack will feature select cues from the film's score.

A long-time Burton collaborator, Elfman says his experience with the director doesn't simplify the creative process. "There's no technique to it or formula, even after this many films together,” says Elfman, "other than to jump in, try lots of things and then throw them all at him, even the craziest stuff that I come up with. There's nothing I won't play for him because often some of our best stuff comes out of that odd thing that I almost didn't play.

"It's just a constant sense of ‘This works, this doesn't. This works, this doesn't,'” Elfman continues. "I develop an understanding of the movie from his perspective. It's always a bit of a journey getting there. It's not easy.”

The composer has learned along the way that it doesn't pay to do his homework. "In the past every time I've tried to get a head start—reading the script and creating themes—not one note of it has ever made it in the movie.”

So it wasn't until he saw an early cut of the film that the score began to take shape. "Clearly it is Alice's story, and she has several parts to her character,” says Elfman. "So Alice actually doesn't have one theme, she has several themes—from the sweeter more innocent side of her as she begins the story very naïve and somewhat weak, to the Alice that emerges at the end of the story—stronger. She finds herself during the story.”

The score itself is lush and imaginative. "It's an orchestral score and the instruments that we used are traditional orchestral instruments,” says Elfman. "Tim and I both wanted to keep it pretty organic and pure. It's strictly playing the emotional side of what you're seeing, but there's a kind of a vibe that permeates Wonderland.”

"Almost Alice” is a 16-song compilation featuring the film's end credit track "Alice (Underground),” written and performed by Avril Lavigne and produced by Butch Walker. The song hit the radio Feb. 1, 2010, has an accompanying music video and is the only song on the album to be in the film. Artists including All American Rejects, 3OH!3, Franz Ferdinand and Shinedown contributed songs—most are original songs created specifically for the album. "Very Good Advice,” performed by Robert Smith, is a cover version of a song from Disney's 1951 animated film "Alice in Wonderland.”

Brian Malouf, executive producer for "Almost Alice,” says assembling the artists for the album was a piece of cake, so to speak. "The name Tim Burton, along with Johnny Depp and ‘Alice in Wonderland,' conjures up a lot of healthy interest. It wasn't a terribly hard sell.”

According to Malouf, artists were given the freedom to explore elements from the film and Lewis Carroll's books to develop their individual interpretations. "Everyone knew the stories,” says Malouf. "With Tim Burton's film and now the music, the stories will continue to work their way through generations.”


1. Alice Performed by Avril Lavigne 
2. The Poison Performed by The All-American Rejects 
3. The Technicolor Phase Performed by Owl City 
4. Her Name Is Alice Performed by Shinedown 
5. Painting Flowers Performed by All Time Low 


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