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Casting The Film
"I'm a huge fan of Jennifer Aniston and I'm a huge fan of Gerry Butler. I've tried to do many movies with the both of them,” says Moritz of the idea to pair them on this movie. "When this came up, I thought that the combination of Jennifer and Gerry would be a really great, exciting combination.”

Tennant agrees that casting any famous name wouldn't do: the chemistry between the lead actors would be everything. "In this case, Milo is a guy's guy, so we wanted somebody that could play a little down and dirty. Gerry's one of those guys, but he can also do the comedy. Jennifer Aniston, after ten years of doing ‘Friends,' is really very quick on her feet. She would play with Gerry, but also kind of throw him off a little bit. Watching their scenes together was like watching two people playing a really good game of tennis.”

"You can put words to all of that, but then there's just a magic,” Butler continues. "Our chemistry was great together.” 

"Gerry's been in a lot of different kinds of movies, but his talent for comedy is just beginning to be explored,” says Moritz. "I think this movie was tailor-made for him.”

Aniston says that Butler's charm put the whole cast and crew at ease. "Gerry's just funny. That's what's so great about him – he's absolutely disarming. Here comes this gorgeous Scottish actor who you think you should be afraid of, but he's really just a softy.”

"I just love the interactions between Jennifer and Gerry in this movie,” Moritz says. "There was so much playfulness between them, and their relationship evolved over the course of the movie.”

"Jennifer Aniston is obviously a beautiful, attractive, free-spirited, independent woman, just like her character in this movie,” Moritz continues. "We really wanted somebody who had strength, who not only could do comedy but also had some vulnerability to her as well. I think that she really embodied that for this character.”

"Jen brings fire, intelligence, sexiness, steadiness, and power – everything Nicole needs as an ace reporter,” says Butler.

Aniston says, "When Nicole has a story, she's like a dog with a bone, to the point that she blows off other things – like the court appearance she's supposed to be at.” And also, perhaps, her relationship with Milo? "As she rose in her career and made that commitment to work, I think she started taking him for granted – just not paying attention to him. 

In the seedy world of bail bonds and underbelly news reporting, the complementing cast of characters of The Bounty Hunter needed to be just as colorful and comedic as Milo and Nicole. One such character was the role of Stewart, Nicole's enamored co-worker at the Daily News, whose crush on Nicole gets him into more than his share of trouble. Jason Sudeikis, from "Saturday Night Live,” was cast to bring Stewart to life.

"He pines for Nicole. She's the only woman for him and he's the only man for her, uh, in his mind,” Sudeikis explains.

The cast and crew applauded the quirkiness that Sudeikis brought to Stewart, which even included growing a signature mustache to add just the right, odd touch. "This is not a stunt mustache,” Sudeikis brags of his homegrown costume piece. "This is the real deal.” And he's proud of it, even if he has been told it makes him look like "a poor man's Kevin Kline.”

"Jason was a great addition to the cast. He brought such great comedy to the movie,” praises Moritz.

"It's a funny character on the page. But then bring on board Jason Sudeikis and…woo, that is from outer space,” remarks Butler. "You do a scene with Jason where you're supposed to pull a gun on him, and you don't know whether he's gonna have a fit, whether he's gonna put the gun in his mouth, or whether he's gonna attack you. You don't know what you're gonna get, but it's always gonna be amaz

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