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Vikings And Dragons Forever
Those who came aboard for the ride of Hiccup and Toothless were just as effusive about their own experiences on the project, starting with executive producer Tim Johnson: "What's fascinating about dragons is you pick almost any culture on Earth, the Far East, Europe, anywhere, and everybody has their own dragon mythology. It's something that is built into mankind, creating these noble, savage, terrifying monsters. Monster stories are a part of every culture. Overcoming your fear of these things, of the unknown, as a child, that's part of every culture's storytelling. For us to be a part of that kind of tradition—taking an animal as far-reaching culturally as a dragon, deciding to tell our own story using Cressida Cowell's books, and bringing it into a 21st century version of a dragon story—that's been one of the biggest honors and challenges of working on the movie.”

"I want audiences to feel like they've been on a ride as good as in any theme park. But more importantly, the film, it's inspirational, it's got hope, it's got laughs, it's fun, it's heartwarming,” says producer Bonnie Arnold. "In addition to that, it has a nice message. Hiccup is a hopeful character. He befriends the mortal enemy of his village and it's that relationship, between Hiccup and Toothless, which actually changes the world for the better.”

"The special effects in this movie are unbelievable,” adds writer/director Dean DeBlois. "The animation, the acting, they're incredible. The lighting and the textures and the designs, everything is just at such a top-notch level that I couldn't be happier with it. I marvel every day at what we accomplished. I'm beyond proud of this film, and I hope people see the care we took to make it.”

Adding to that sentiment, writer/director Chris Sanders says, "We wanted ‘How to Train Your Dragon' to be a mythic experience. It's a world of Vikings and dragons, of scaled wings and iron swords. We lift our audience off the ground and up into the clear Arctic air on the backs of flying monsters. We journey into the heart of a dangerous world and an impossible relationship with ancient creatures that have only existed in the pages of books till now. You won't forget these characters, and you won't forget this place..”


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