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Production Notes
France's StudioCanal fully financed the picture developed by Montecito Picture Company, co-founded by Ivan Reitman and former Universal chairman Tom Pollock. Ivan Reitman, Joe Medjuck and Jeffrey Clifford are producers for Montecito. Co-producers are Simone Urdl and Jennifer Weiss. Executive Producers are Tom Pollock, Jason Reitman and Daniel Dubiecki. CHLOE is distributed by StudioCanal in France and in the United Kingdom and Germany through its subsidiaries Optimum Releasing and Kinowelt. It will also handle worldwide sales outside its direct distribution territories.

To pen a screenplay that would tell a compelling story of erotic intrigue, Producer Ivan Reitman contacted Erin Cressida Wilson, who scripted Secretary and Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus; work the producers admired. "They're wonderful scripts,” shares Reitman. "Particularly Secretary which had the right kind of ironic unusual eroticism that I thought would be appropriate for this movie.” They began a collaboration that would last four years. "My joke is that I started out writing this film when I was Chloe and I finished it when I was Catherine; that's how long it took to write,” shares Wilson with a laugh while on set in Toronto. "These characters still fascinate me.”

In the Spring of 2007, Reitman sent the script to fellow Canadian filmmaker Atom Egoyan. "We approached Atom to direct because philosophically, there is much in this movie that he has touched on in his own films. There is a definite connection in his work to the themes of CHLOE,” explains Reitman. Indeed, the common threads that appear in much of Egoyan's work: rich and complex characters, the dynamics of family; the differences between appearance and reality, and the subjective nature of truth are woven throughout CHLOE. However, unlike his own scripts, it is a linear story. CHLOE marks the first of his 13 feature films that Oscar-nominated Egoyan hasn't written himself.

In receiving the script Egoyan found his interest piqued on many levels. "I'm very interested in the process of storytelling and how people recount and narrate their own lives, and CHLOE is really a wonderful examination of that,” shares Egoyan. "I was simply thrilled to receive the script because it was finally a chance to work with Erin—I'm a huge fan of hers, beginning with her theater plays and erotic stories; and of course, the fact that it came through Ivan Reitman, who is someone I have such great respect for, was wonderful.”

The appeal of CHLOE lies in the casting as much as the intrigue of the story. "We have assembled a great cast capable of making this intoxicating movie resonate with a very wide audience," states veteran producer and director Ivan Reitman. Four-time Academy Award nominee Julianne Moore and Academy Award nominee Liam Neeson are joined by Amanda Seyfried, breakout star of worldwide smash hit Mamma Mia! "CHLOE is a movie that is totally dependent on the excellence and the specificity of the people playing these roles. As an audience we are very close to these characters and become extremely invested in what happens to these creatures, and unless they're perfect, the movie's a failure,” shares Reitman with great honesty.

Reitman's long-time producing partner Joe Medjuck agrees that one of the biggest challenges in producing a film is finding the perfect actors to bring the characters to life. "I think we found a wonderful cast. Ivan had worked with Julianne before and Atom with Liam and we knew what they were capable of. For Chloe, it was key to find someone who could play the role and really be believable.”

The honesty and intimate sexuality of the character-driven film made casting the role of Chloe, an alluring young escort, difficult. Producers and director Atom Egoyan auditioned hundreds of actresses from Los Angeles, to Toronto, to London, and although they saw many strong performances, it was very clear to th

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