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Director Atom Egoyan's thoughts on CHLOE
First and foremost CHLOE deals with the nature of intimacy. But, I think the film is ultimately about what we look for in a relationship—to see someone else, as we would like ourselves to be seen and the idea of protecting someone else's right to be alone or to protect solitude. As Rilke wrote, it is one's role as a partner to protect the other's solitude and yet there's this balance between doing that and losing someone. That to me is what the film is about—how to be allowed to imagine ourselves and integrate that in a relationship.

In any love relationship, you have to project yourself but if you're not aware of the explicit agenda of the other person, the skew can become really dangerous, even explosive. This is the terrain the film deals with—both in the conventional idea of a marriage as well as an unexpected marriage between two souls who are searching for something they think they have found in each other.

And in some ways, the film is about the necessity and the danger of creative interpretation of the self. Ultimately, we all need to believe in certain stories or narratives about ourselves. We all need to feel we have some control over how that narrative evolves, however we have no control over the variables—we can't anticipate all of the other emotional factors that come into play.

There's always a variable when dealing with human beings. We are incredibly complex sensitive souls and no matter how you think a relationship is defined by parameters, those can always evolve – so we need to be invested in other people; we need to fall in love and we need to go to those places but we also need to equip ourselves in understanding how fragile other people are. If we don't there's bound to be consequences.

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