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The Look of Chloe
In an age where the digital world has firmly staked its ground in what was the kingdom of film, CHLOE was shot on 35mm film. "Although we will be finishing the film digitally, we are by choice shooting in film which is a gorgeous medium and very much in sympathy with the kind of things we're trying to accomplish visually,” shares Sarossy. "There's likely no escape from the inevitability of digital and I guess it's a matter of time but for the moment we're still enjoying film. It is still the beneficiary of over a century of development and refinement.”

Mirror and glass and as result, reflections, play throughout the film as background but also as key elements of many scenes. Catherine first meets Chloe in the mirror as she stands at the sink and Chloe exits the bathroom stall. "Dealing with all of the mirror and glass was very challenging purely from the practical level—especially at the Ravine House. While to some degree we wanted to embrace the reflections, we had to find creative ways to avoid appearing in them!” Sarossy recalls with a laugh. "It added a whole layer of complexity to the process which was absolutely fun but complicated.”

Costumes too shared in the theme of reflection. "There are shapes, colors and structures that are mirrored in the choice of clothing for the characters,” explains Costume Designer Debra Hansen. "On Chloe in particular you'll find colors and patterns that are connected to the outside environment. For example the coat she wears in the greenhouse and the coat with the embroidered leaves both reflect her exterior surroundings. You'll notice too, though it's very subtle, that outfits for Catherine and Chloe begin to echo one another.”


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