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In many ways, KICK-ASS is the ultimate comic book movie. Like the Millar/Romita Jr. comic, KICK-ASS is stuffed to the gills with references to comic books and other superhero movies. "With no power comes no responsibility” is a play on Spider-Man's catchphrase, "with great power comes great responsibility.” There are also multiple references to Batman and Superman, and the movie constantly plays with the tropes and conventions of the genre. 

"It's a love letter to comic books,” says Vaughn, echoing a phrase used by both Goldman and Millar. "It's a post-modern comic book movie, it's a comic book movie for now. I feel that comic book movies have become creaky. You can't get away with cookie-cutter superhero movies anymore, and I feel that kids are going to relate to this.”

As a result it was important that the tone be cheeky but reverent for Vaughn, and that the subversions of the conventions of the superhero genre be playful. "There is definitely an element of parody in there but it comes from a place of great affection. It's about paying homage to something that I love rather than holding it up for ridicule.”

"I wanted to steep it in the comic book world,” adds Vaughn. "It was about deconstructing everything I loved. Not destroying it. There's not one negative aspect to the way that any of these characters, apart from Frank, is depicted. He's the only one who's got a problem with superheroes. Everyone else thinks they're cool.”


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